99 comments on “West Coast Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-5,829 1:11-cv-00057-CKK 9/12/11 UPDATED: All Does Dismissed

  1. How would one go about this situation? You say RULE #3 DO NOT MOTION TO QUASH AN ISP SUBPOENA WITH YOUR REAL NAME AS THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT. If people do not motion to quash an ISP subpoena the ISP will hand over there info.

    • Whats up Phil. I think my fellow anon is just giving good suggestions. You always have the choice to hire a lawyer to Motion To Quash it as well but most of these cases have been dismissed anyway so that is why most would suggest you do not try and waste your time or money. It all depends on what we each want to do.

    • Well it is really up that each individual on what they want to do or think they should do. This Motion to Quash Page has been made to give more information on the topic. Give it a read if you want to. The rules stated are only guidelines really and advice. Some rules are meant to be broken or bent as some may say depending on opinions.

  2. What’s up Billy. Hey I appreciate the info guys. I am a defendant in this case. Comcast has gave me till June 2nd to Motion To Quash or they hand over my info. It’s a damned if I do and damned if I don’t situation huh? I really do not have the money to hire a lawyer. So I’m kinda trying to figure out my game plan. I read that the deadline to serve all other defendants shall be extended to June 30, 2011. Signed by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly on May 11, 2011. If I file as a Doe how will Comcast know that it was my account extended or dismissed?

    • Hmm you would have to ask Comcast that question. But likely with the IP used one would think. The kicker is even if you motion to quash they can just refile somewhere else and this garbage will happen again to you or someone else. Also if you do not use your real name it will not be excepted in some cases.

      That is why people motion to seal the documents from being released as well. Again though they can just refile to get peoples personal info in another state. It is a nice little scam is it not? That is why think do not waste money by hiring a lawyer but some are scared. West Coast Productions cases have been dismissed by other Judges though so we will wait and see if this garbage is dismissed too. Some have canceled their service providers because of these ISP subpoenas. Some sites listed under blogroll keep track of these things keep them bookmarked.

  3. I’ve following blogs and people involved in this case. One said he filed a Motion To Quash using his IP and they did not accept it because his name was not on the motion. Another has recieved a settlement letter asking for $3,500 or risk getting taken to court. I guess I’m gonna have to wait it out and see what happens. Comcast is handing over my info to them June 2nd. I’ll update you guys and let you know what happens. But yeah, It’s a great little get rich quick scam.

    Hopefully this garbage does get dismissed. Thank you guys again for the info and help. If you guys hear anything new going on in this case that I may miss, let me know. I appreciate it.

  4. I received a letter from Kenneth Ford, demanding payment of $3500 to settle b4 June 2. I was told elsewhere to try to settle because I could get sued and have my wages liened. Is a lawsuit realistic? I don’t have the money for a lawyer. I live in California, so do they have to file in my Federal Court District to have jurisdiction over me?I am not a name defendant, but, they do have my personal information since Comcast gave it to them. What should I do? Please help…

    • A lawsuit is really not realistic one would think. They cannot possibly take the thousands of people to court because all those court fee’s to get everyone would cost millions. That is why they hope to scare people into settling so it scares them and they do not have to take the time to actually prove anything.

      They cannot really prove anything with just a list of IP’s and your personal information. If an ISP gave out your personal information one would hope you canceled them. Lawyers will tell you to settle so they get payed and they do not have to do any work.

      Those are the type of lawyers that are out there. They are scum. If you pay these people there is no guarantee they will not come back later and say oh wait you did more and that will get them the money to keep doing it to others. People can and have brought class action lawsuits against these firms and they are pending. If you are really that worried just consult a lawyer. Some offer it for free at your first meeting. The Electronic Frontier Foundation have a list of lawyers you can contact if you wish.

  5. I have read this and wanted to share.

    Should I be scared about the news articles claiming that attorneys have started filing against individual defendants?
    February 20, 2011 by houstonlawy3r

    Considering the recent articles online leaked by the attorneys of the Hurt Locker and the Far Cry cases in that they plan on filing against dismissed defendants in their home states, I have been asked whether my opinion regarding the eventual outcome of the cases still in existence has been altered by what is, in my opinion, a public relations media blitz in response to the fall of the Larry Flynt Productions (LFP Internet Group, LLC) lawsuits and similar related suits in the Texas and West Virginia courts.

    In short, the mass John Doe copyright download cases have been falling like dominoes — one after the other — and there are too many of them to note. However, as a reaction to these failed cases, there have been a number of “scare” articles leaked to the internet claiming outright lies such as “we were successful in obtaining hundred-thousand dollar judgments against multiple torrent users last year.” This is simply not true. I check the records and filings of many (if not most) of the copyright lawsuits on a regular basis. I have seen many cases get dismissed; I have seen many cases get severed leaving only one John Doe defendant — but I have never seen a judgment against an individual John Doe torrent downloader from these lawsuits.

    Of course I must point out that there are a few example cases made by the Recording Industry Association of America (“RIAA”) which I wrote about a few months ago where one woman was handed a $1.5 million dollar judgment for seeding (sharing) over twenty .mp3 music files. In addition, there were the Napster, Grokster, and related cases which lost a few years back. However, as for media companies getting judgments against individual John Doe defendants in these mass copyright infringement lawsuits? I have not seen even one.

    However, as per the plaintiff attorneys in these copyright cases, it has always been their position that they intend to go after individuals in their home states. However, if you read my most recent article (towards the bottom), you will see the obstacles they face in going after every one of the individuals dismissed in their previous lawsuits. I have quoted the relevant portion below.

    “Now what does this mean for our firm’s clients? In short, all defendants were dismissed and severed. What this means is that if the plaintiff attorneys wish to continue the lawsuit, they will have to file against each of the six thousand defendants individually. They will need to draft complaints specific to each defendant alleging infringement of their client’s copyrights — each one is extremely time consuming. They will have to get admitted (pro hac vice) in the local court in which each defendant lives, or they will have to find local counsel in each state each defendant lives and they will have to hire that local counsel to file the paperwork on their behalf. They will have to learn and follow the local court rules, they will have to pay the filing fees for each defendant (~$350) they sue, and they will have to properly serve each defendant.

    Then us attorneys will begin defending the cases, and we will begin conducting discovery and making them attend depositions, answer interrogatories, and prove their case. I would think this would be difficult for them to do with just a few defendants. I can imagine this would be nearly impossible to do with 6,000+ defendants.

    But, I’m sure if asked, they will probably post some news article expressing their determination to go after each and every defendant, and I wish them well.” (Emphasis added.)

    As a side note the defendants in the above quoted article were not severed, they were outright dismissed. This has ramifications for the plaintiff attorneys and it will affect how they are able to proceed in suing defendants individually.

    Lastly, regarding the blitz of articles many of you have been referring to (on arstechnica, on digitalmediawire, etc. — example here) — if you read the news articles carefully, there is no indication that a new wave of individual lawsuits are being filed. (Obviously taking note of a few “test the water” cases, one example described here). These articles, along with their source article on CNET News state that the owner of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver is “driving to the court right now…” Very exciting and newsworthy, but no proof of a new and pervasive business model of filing against individual defendants.

    I have no doubt that in the coming months, we will transition from fighting procedure (no jurisdiction, improper joinder) to fighting actual evidentiary issues, but we are FAR from being there yet. John Steele is still messing around with trying to move forward with a reverse class action suit (article here), and if he succeeds, I’m sure the other law firms and media companies will copy his methodology and will first try their hand at John Steele’s new business model before scaling down what was (and for the time being, still is) their profitable mass copyright lawsuit business model to going after individual defendants. This current business model of joining hundreds, if not thousands of internet downloaders into one lawsuit is failing in the courts because of inherent procedural defects, but the model itself is not yet a failure. From what I hear, there is a huge settlement rate (e.g., I heard that 90% of defendants get scared into settling before even talking to a lawyer), and so for as long as they can continue to scare defendants into settling, their business model will remain a success.

    I cannot see, however, the profitability of going after an individual for any other reason than to attempt to secure a few example cases in their favor. I have no doubt that even if they were successful in suing individual downloaders (an outcome which I doubt would be the case if the defendants hired competent attorneys to fight their case rather than going pro se), the media companies would never collect a penny from the defendants because in all likelihood, any defendant hit with a $150,000 judgment will immediately be hiring a taxi to drive them to the nearest bankruptcy court, followed by dinner at an expensive restaurant.

    In short, beware of what you read online. Check your information from all sites against the simple facts, filings, and pleadings of the case which are publicly available to those who want to do their homework.

  6. People are being scared into paying in a situation where they really don’t have too IMO. Until they name and serve you in a lawsuit YOU are not being sued. These cases are being dismissed (with prejudice) left and right. This lets these bottom feeders off the hook with the courts who are starting to say “name a defendant or dismiss” wile still allowing them to send out demand letters saying “pay us or we MAY add you to a list of people to be sued”. . News Flash! It’s impossible for these guys to sue all these people individually. Granted they may sue a few here and there where they can to scare more people into settling, but you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than DGW suing you in podunk Nebraska. This is a moneymaking scam people. Unless you happen to live in the jurisdiction that they filed these subpoenas in I wouldn’t pay an attorney a dime. And I wouldn’t pay some of these attorneys who are popping up to defend you either. IMO they are just looking for a cash grab off of your fear as well.

  7. I am a doe in this case, I have recieved a demand letter. I found it to be a good laugh. I did not and will not settle. I have found some solce in a new case on Rfc Express. I think it is Karmic Justice. Apperantly West Coast Productions is being sued themselves for Patent Infringement…LMAO here is the link. http://www.rfcexpress.com/lawsuits/patent-lawsuits/texas-eastern-district-court/75560/inmotion-imagery-technologies-llc-v-lfp-video-group-llc/summary/

    • I have not being named but I named yet, don’t think they got me. I did one of the movies that these scums are suing for last November but they were even trolling for IP’s for the Expendables last November,,, ( I use Tor sometimes anyways) they started that crap in feb2011. I have had this IP for months and months and it was not on it. I think they are targeting the big ISP’s. I use Wideopenwest, if you can get it, do it. They are great. If they do name me for something I still won’t pay them. I want to dump my house, and few credit cards, and a lawsuit would be perfect to be approved for Chapter 7. I don’t owe enough to get approved now. Another thing be smart, don’t try to download the damn Internet in one night like my brother in law does, he is nuts, he doesn’t care, he is already in the poor house. The troll lawyers also look at these extortioner’s neighbors too.. if you live in the ghetto in Detroit you will be less likely to get a letter. lol … I live close really close.. a few miles.. and I have guns just in case. lol

  8. I have family to feed and shelter and have much to lose, should I stand my ground or feed the machine?

    • Why would you want to feed the machine? That wont stop them from coming back again later over something different. Paying them does not protect you in the long run at all. Check out all the links on these pages.

  9. I say stand your ground, if nobody stands up to a bully, he keeps being a bully. They may take all that don’t pay to court. But don’t believe anything they tell you in there scare letter. They toss around alot of big numbers. If they do sue and win, the download of a single film, will not get them the 100’s of thousands they claim.

  10. For all those interested here is a link to all the Does dismissed from this case.

    • Yup it is true. We may or may not make a new post about that or just update this one. That sad thing is not everyone was dismissed from that case. It needs to be completely dismissed.

  11. The right way to sue is that they name you in a proper court and then offer a settlement amount. This “pay us or we MAY sue you” scam should be illegal.

    Now the Hurt Locker case just added 20K defendants. Even if 75% of all the defendants in all of these P2P cases caved into the demand letters, does anybody really think that these lawyers have firms and attorneys lined up in ALL of the nationwide courts to individually sue the thousands who wont settle (I hesitate to call it “settle” because most of these people are not even named in a lawsuit)? Doubtful. Even the ones they have/will sue individually…Im betting they are hoping beyond hope to get a settlement vs going to trial…these cases are full of evidentiary holes.

    • Indeed, They do not have that many lawyers to take on that many people. It would take them YEARS to get all those cases done and lots of $$ in court fees. This would probably only work with really really old people as they would be more easily scared.

  12. I was telling some friends about this case. one of which happens to be in law school. He said “If they do not sue an indivual doe, this is cut and dry extortion just by definition of the word” He suggseted waiting to see if they sue an idividual doe, if not bring a suit against them for extortion fraud on the court. etc. Much like a doe in the first “FarCry” suit. Also of interest The alledged torrent in this case is still active, strange no take down. It seems no one thinks of that. The first thing you do in a copyright infringement is send a take down request. Isn’t it?

  13. I’ve also been listed in the above case with Imperial Enterprises via a subpoena sent through UPS Ground (even though I didn’t sign for anything, I found the letter in my mailbox), and wondering what I should do in this case.

    Apparently going by the papers, Comcast was supposed to give out my information to the law firm and Imperial Enterprises by April 16, IIRC, and I just recently had gotten this letter last week.

    So I’m assuming that there is some prime bullshit afoot, especially since the lawyers representing them are Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver.

  14. My ISP has just written me that my info’s been subpoenaed in the Imperial Enterprises case. Talked to a lawyer listed on the EFF site who gave me 4 basic options.
    1. Do Nothing- not recommended by him
    2. File a motion to quash for $1500- also not recommended by him as they are often unsuccessful.
    3. Have him call in a settlement for about $2000 plus his $250 for an hour of work plus a small service charge, all of which must be paid at once. And obviously its a risk again in the future as everyones saying. But they only have my IP then. Everything else stays private.
    4. Pay him his $250 for an hour of work to file a Reservation of Rights letter which he explained is basically sending these guys a “Go ahead and sue me, I’m innocent without a doubt in the world” letter. Which, if you are, and they lose the case (if they actually sued) they would have to pay all lawyers fees (including mine) and court costs. Reverse scare tactic so to speak, although probably not nearly as effective as theirs.
    So, if anyone was wondering what defense lawyers will say- there ya go. Contact them if ya still want to hear it for yourself.
    I plan on recontacting him soon (after my head clears from the fact that people are actually suing because people get adult films off the internet…shocking, I know) to question him on how the timing of bankruptcy would work, since I’m on the verge of it anyway because of medical bills, in the advent that they sued after they got my info.
    Keep posting on these, its at its least comforting to people in this situation of panic. Hope they do “look” at people before they sue, they’d realize imediately there’s just nothing there worth it in almost every case I have a feeling. Can someone please Torrent up a lobbyist for us all?

    • Indeed, The only thing gained from this will be even less money to these people. Who would want to support any company that would do this to people? Again like stated though it would take years to take all these people to court lol and lots of money. They do not want to actually prove anything and they really cannot prove anything easily. The only reason this even succeeds in getting peoples personal information is because ISP’s like Comcast do not fight them.

      Screw all the lawyers who would charge that much. There are hundreds of lawyers out there that would probably work at a better price too. There are so many lawyers out there that a lot of them have a hard time finding work haha.

      But ya do not be too worried. We will continue to post on them of course.

  15. Basically I contacted Booth Sweet LLP, another firm that has dealt with them in the past and they told me basically the same thing, but only with three options.

    1. File a motion to quash or to dismiss the subpoena

    2, Contact the Plaintiff in order to discuss a settlement

    3. Wait it out and see if they actually try to take it further.

    I’m currently taking the third route, but also thinking of consulting a lawyer just in case in case they actually try to sue (which I doubt) me in my home state.

  16. Read somewhere Dunlap Grubb and Weaver had their secretary and other members quit after they found out they were going against little old grandmas that had no idea what was going on and refused to back off. I just wonder how long, hopefully soon, before one of them sues them back and owns their operation. One can only dream I guess…while I’m dreaming… I’d like a 2 foot taco right about now.

  17. What I think DGW’s strategy is:

    -Subpoena thousands of IPs

    -Dismiss the ones out of jurisdiction because they knwo that joinder is too big a hurdle to jump (and too costly) but send demand letters anyway to maximize profit.

    -Sue a few individuals to maximize fear and squeeze additional stttlements out of holdouts.

    -Continue to gather IP’s till you have a small group that ARE within your jurisdiction and sue them as a group.

    -If that works start to assemble groups of defendants who are in the same jurisdictions (which by looking at cour records are going to be in large cities like NYC) and continue.

    The problem they are going to have is TIME. This is going to take a long time and many of these cases are going to become too old to follow up on. BUT it allows them to work the process out for future lawsuits of the ame type.

  18. “My ISP has just written me that my info’s been subpoenaed in the Imperial Enterprises case. Talked to a lawyer listed on the EFF site who gave me 4 basic options.

    1. Do Nothing- not recommended by him”

    Of course he didnt suggest that!! LOL!

    IMO some of these lawyers are simply trying to make some cash off of these other lawyers. The choice is simple. Either cave in and pay these trolls or wait till they name you in a lawusit THEN get a lawyer and fight or settle…those are the only two realistic options IMO. Everything else is a moneymaking scheme for lawyers on both sides IMO.

  19. Whoa! Thats not just a fish taco… its a fish taco slip-and-slide! I’d face-plant that…

    Thanks for the laugh, I know I definately needed it. All the stress gets to ya pretty bad when you have a several medical conditions eating ya besides a corporate blackmailing scheme.

  20. Of course defending lawyers are in it to make money for themselves, no matter what they believe either way… I knew that.
    I do think they, being lawyers, are being smart to protect themselves though when they say “not recommended” to the do nothing option. If they advised it then they’d probably open themselves up to being sued later by the very people who called to ask their advice and got sued for taking it.
    Its just absurd that people and lawyers like Dunlap Grubb and Weaver created this reality where they have to do that instead of telling people not to freak because the chances are remote. Building a society of litigation based on stupid. Period. Just stupid, that’s all there seems to be to it besides the evident greed.
    I bet if torrent users just all contributed to some imaginary fund and took that resulting huge sum to him with an offer of take it, retire and disappear… he’d absolutely do it, because thats all hes after in the first place. He’s made that clear to the world.
    The question remains of how will he be stopped in the end, and what about his extortion victims that already have lost so much. I don’t really buy into Karma, but I do know that doing this much wrong makes it more likely he’ll end up facing the consequences somehow.
    Its going to be an interesting fight my friends. A lot of us aren’t smiling now, but if I were a betting man… I know which show pony I’d put last in the long race.

  21. I contacted a lawyer from EFF he was a great guy. He offered his services for FREE, he also advised me not to pay, and said if they file a suit against me individually. He would represent me for free, and assured me he would win. So there arte a few good lawyers out there.

  22. Thats spectacular news to hear Another Doe.
    Much better than the result I got from the “look up a lawyer in your state” page of the EFF. Was this lawyer on that page or is this a lawyer working for EFF directly and not just volunteering to be listed?
    He will get paid (presuming he does win) by the idgits trying to sue. Loser pays up court and lawyer fees. So I hope he really knows whats up and is confident for good reason because of all the nasty tricks the opposition is pulling.
    Have you checked his credentials yet? Is he on top of this part of the law and has experience with it?

    Very happy to hear that bit of hope regardless though.
    Stay in contact and let us know, so we can do the same, and possibly all find the few good lawyers to use instead of all the ones cashing in on this.

  23. Add me to the list of people who have been contacted by their ISP. I keep tabs on the progress of the lawsuit and I noticed there have been many that display “NOTICE of dismissal”. What lawyers are representing these DOES. Please post a link so I can speak to an attorney that has already gotten leverage and a dismissal on the suit. I see a lot of communication in regards to dismissal so I know you are out there.

    Thank you in advance,

    Another DOE

  24. I got one of these letters as well from comcast. If we are not supposed to settle, contact or quash. What am I supposed to do? The letter says that I have until the 20th before they will give the my information to them.

    • Hmm perhaps we should modify rule #3? You can motion to quash but you would want to use a lawyer if you want to quash it anonymously and that costs $$ but that wont save you forever. They can just refile your IP in another state or case that is why we suggest that. If you are really really worried get a lawyer and deal with it but if you do not have the money it is probably best to wait it out as it would take years for them to bring a cases against you individually and they are being thrown out or fail. But there are still idiots out there that would actually pay the settlement amounts lol. We put up pages on ISP subpenas and motion to quash to answer these questions hopefully. This place is more helpful than that crap forum freeadvice that locks topics on this subject at least.

    • Let them get your info and send their little letter. 99% of these motions to quash are being rejected, they cost money and they risk exposing your ID anyway..not worth it. Once they get your name they will then have to NAME you in a lawsuit. If you really are in the jurisdiction they filed in you may have something to be concerned about. Other than that it’s not worth worrying about unless they file in your home jursidiction.

  25. I have a situation that makes me what he called “judgemeent proof” I have no assets and I am on disability for life. Finally it pays to be poor, lol. He is the only lawyer listed on the eff website for Colorado. I sent him an e-mail back in Feburary on a saturday and he called me on sunday. He said he could get the settlement down to 1900$ for 300$, at first, then as we talked more, and he heard my situation he waved his fee, then said just blow off the letter. He said he was sure they didn’t have the evidence to win, as an IP address does not garuntee ones identity. The F.B.I. showed that recently. So how accurate can these lawyer’s tracking be, better than the F.B.I. I doubt it. On a side not has anyone else noticed the striking simularity between Ellis L. Bennet and Hillary Swank in the movie “Boy’s Don’t Cry” Creepy

  26. Well, thats a good result for you then Another Doe. I’m not quite there yet in terms of disability. I’m struggling very hard with my medical conditions but managing to work. My “home” is worth maybe 500 bucks and my car the same. How sad is that. Not to mention I owe thousands still on the home and some of my medical bills are now going to get judgements against me. So I think I’m close. LOL. I’m in that catch 22 of being really sick but not sick enough.
    Kind of saddened though that at first the lawyer talked of settlement and then only latter said IP is not a person. I don’t even know if I DLed what they say I did, its from December, months ago. IF I did, it was long ago deleted, nearly immediately.
    Which brings up an interesting question in that if someone were the unlucky target (example to be made) by these blackmailers, How hard would it be for them to get a search warrant for your computer? I expect a good lawyer would fight it (but who has money for a good one), but I don’t know how successful he’d be…

    Whats taking that class action suit so long against these guys? No new updates on it that I can find in a quick look. Hope they get shut down just like the UK version they based this mad scheme on.

    • For some reason it is in limbo being sent to another judge we hear. But funny stuff like them getting bomb threats has happened so that is something to kinda laugh about. The bomb threat turned out to be false btw.

  27. Just read about that on Torrent Freak. I can’t advocate violence, but I do like the squirm after effect. They gotta realize that literally 1 per 100 people are psychopaths. Documented fact. And by this mass blackmail of 10s of thousands… well, I don’t like their odds.
    I work in a place with 300 other people, So its now become my hobby to watch out for those “3” that may be the ones. LOL. They may want to consider hiring some muscle… just a little friendly advice from a pacifist that they’re trying to mess with.
    Also read the UK version of this was nailed by 4chan hackers back in September and that All the leaked emails pretty much ended up destroying them. Nice, done in by their own greedy typing.

  28. The one thing to remember about all these doe cases is they will only get your money if you pay the settelment. IF and it’s a BIG IF they sue you in the proper jurisdition. Then you go to court PRO SE (represent yourself) It doesn’t matter what the court decides, because you have the bankruptcy ace up your sleeve. It may cost you around 1000$. But they will have spent about 5000$ to 10,000$ to get you to court. the best part is they will not get any of your money. Bankruptsy may be helpful to you “hey me to” after all you have many bills it sounds like.

  29. Remember we are Americans, and americans do not negociate with terrorists, Of any form.

  30. I almost forgot they only have 3 years after the discovery of the infringement to file against you in the proper jurisdiction, and with the big number of does and cases they will never get to all of us.

  31. Yeah, thats what I figured as well. They can’t take what I don’t have and would just be forcing the issue of bankruptcy sooner if it hadn’t happened by that time already. MRI bills add up REAL quick. And I’ve had 5 already and not only supposed to get checked somewhat regularly with more, but will have to force the issue of that soon with idgit dr who knows I need brain surgery but refuses to acknowledge the debilitating reasons why. Don’t worry, not dieing or anything, its just not fun.
    Appreciate the sentiment, and I won’t negotiate, nothing to negotiate with. LOL.
    3 years is a nice little bit of knowledge for my trove. Thanks.
    Question, is it automatically dismissed from improper jurisdiction or would we have to file for that. Seems like it should be pretty obvious and judge wouldn’t even allow it with or without a request, thats if they don’t just drop it themselves for that reason.
    And no they couldn’t possibly get to near enough of us to make a dent. Not to mention how financially unsound it is to them for the reasons you stated. And in other jurisdictions they won’t have their pet biased ex RIAA judge. Ha.
    Wish this would all get a little more press though… public outrage helps, that or they can try to pull this on some VIP with connections who just pulverizes them…that would be justice.

  32. Your Question makes me ask Have you recieved the Letter,( I capitalized ther to make it sound scary). If you have then they have a certain amount of time to serve you a supeona, this time is set by the judge, thats how the dismisal worked for the first batch of does. I posted a link to the list of isp’s here. If you have not recieved the Letter yet, I suggest you turn off all the lights and read it by candle light, as this will maximise the scarriness. Then turn on the lights and laugh at these fools attemp at extortion. The best thing is wait and see approach, Fear is your enemyy here, they know this.

  33. Something Important to Consider:
    Only when a person is seeding (uploading) a file using torrent, that person is able to see the IP address of others who are leeching (downloading) that file. So it is very obvious that copyright troll companies have uploaded the files under investigation in the internet. These companies hope to use their seeded files as baits for identifying other people. In brief, the copyright troll companies have violated the copyright laws themselves in the first place and they must be proscuted. Hopefully, there are good lawyers who are willing to challenge these fraud copyright troll companies in the court.

  34. Kinda accurate LawMaster. However in most programs (I believe, haven’t tried em all), you can see IPs you’re connected to while your leeching as well. Also, its pretty much impossible not to seed while you’re leeching for the pieces you already have.
    I agree that they probably put out bait and that by doing so they broke the “law” (by their ridiculous opinion) first because they don’t approach these companies to get permission until they have a large list of potential IPs to target in this scam.

    Nope, Another Doe, no threat letter except from the F’s at comcast saying they’ll release my info by june 20th. Just thinking far ahead at possibilities. I am one involved in the Imperial Enterprises case. I believe their newest batch of “I’m a conceded entitled well-off but wanna be richer by abusing the law so pay me or else before I get shut down” bull. As far as I’m concerned, the letter will save me a little money for medical bills because I won’t have to buy TP for a bit. Ya can’t break whats already broke and expect it to work for ya.

  35. Something Important to Consider:
    When you carefully look at the list of defendants’ IP addresses at the end of this document, Imperial’s Complaint, you will see that some of the IP addresses are duplicated or triplicate for the same movies with short download time interval. For example, lines 75 and 76, or lines 105 and 106, or lines 113 and 114, or lines 118 and 119 and etc. Does it mean that these internet users had shared or unprotected routers. Because nobody will download the same movie couple of times in a short period of time. I counted the number of duplicated IP addresses and there are 53 of them out of 3545 listed IPs. How did Imperial Enterprises save these IP addresses? Do they have a recorded image (screeshot) of the torrent users or have they just hired a low-wage employee to copy and paste the IP addresses to an excel file? How do they guarantee that there were no mistakes in creating the excel file?

  36. Something Important to Consider:
    When you compare the listed IP addresses at the end of these two documents, Imperial’s Complaint and West Coast Production’s Complaint, you will see that some of the IP addresses (53 out of 3545) are repeated nonesensely in the first complaint while there is no repeated IP address (0 out of 5829) in the second complaint. This shows a flaw in the Copyright Troll companies’ documents and it is an insult to the US judiciary system showing that anybody can create a base-less excel file and sue thousands of people because of the loop holes existing in the system.

  37. I recieved a letter just yesterday (6/4) regarding my options and that I was part of this “lawsuit” (not very court saavy, so pardon my improper word usage). I did some research and foudn that a lot of us “victims” were being dismissed for undisclosed reasons. In my letter I signed for, it states that I have 2 options:
    1. Object directly to the court, and fax a copy that I objected to my internet provider. (I have no idea how to write/create an objection, and am far too poor to talk to a lawyer as to how)
    2. Do nothing, in which case Charter (my provider) will give up my “Identifying information.” (which entails what?)
    I was wondering what I can do w/o getting a lawyer, to possibly be dismissed.
    To my knowledge, I did not DL this video, and if it was, it would have had to have been done by someone else, or through something hidden in a different DL.
    As for the jusidiction issue, I live in Northern Michigan, and was wonderign if being so far away and out of the jurisdiction would be to my favor. I am a fairly young guy, and I never get into trouble of any sort, so this notification scared the ballocks off me…any info is welcome….TY for your time guys.

    • What your ISP is talking about is a motion to quash. Scroll up and check all the links under the Pages tab to the right. Also we posted another topic on this that had a status report by the copyright troll in this case. Click on the tag west coast productions or just use the search. We believe being in another state helps as you can state your out of the courts jurisdiction.

    • Hey Louie, contact Eric Grimm, egrimm@whcspc.com
      Phone 231.727.2111
      Seemed good credentials to what I checked.
      If you can afford $250 for a hour of his lawyering and are confident that you didn’t do this. Explain what ya just said to us to him. He’ll probably give ya the speech about filing a Reservation of Rights letter which he’ll explain is basically sending these guys a “Go ahead and sue me, I’m innocent without a doubt in the world” letter. Which, if you are, and they lose the case (if they actually sued) they would have to pay all lawyers fees (including yours) and court costs. But he’ll warn ya that he’ll be going by what you tell him about whats possibly on your pc in case they look IF they ever actually sue that is. Not sure if this would reveal your name and identity to them, believe so, ask him. I believe he’s looking for confident cases like yours sounds.
      Otherwise if ya want to still avoid the lawyers or can’t come up with the 250…dump the stress you’re under in one way or another so you can think straight about all this. Not an insult. The fear these guys are putting on people is a mind blower sometimes. Obviously we all know here. Breathe deep, chill, do what ya do… and realize they can’t ruin your life no matter what happens in my opinion. That was the conclusion I came to. And trust me, its an important one to come to. Clears the brain right up for more important things like laughing which has helped me far beyond what any dr or lawyer has ever done.
      Hope that helped. 🙂

      • I only make 7.40 an hour, thanks to Walmart crushing competition like where I work. So a lawyer is out of the question for me. I feel completely helpless almost lol. So, “objection to the court” means to quash? Because I hear it’s farily expensive to quash, and teh failure rate is pretty high. A friend of mine said it could’nt hurt to try calling the judge’s office and trying to talk to her, but that sounds kinda ludacrious to me.
        So, in short:
        In my position, unable to get a lawyer, what options do I have? and ty guys so much for the help.

        • If the lawyer is sure/convinced that your innocent he may go pro bono and do it for free (as he knows he’ll get paid by opposition)…. maybe. But if you use torrent at all chances of that are slim I would think.
          Seriously? calling judge? I really need my drs to prescribe what your buds on. LOL.
          Motion to quash is 1500 filing fee, thats why they set ransom at 2000, plus like you said, fails a lot. Plus too difficult to do yerself then ya gotta pay the lawyer to do it. Disgusting isn’t it.
          You can still call lawyer for free, explain how low income ya are and that No option but “do nothing” seems to be your situation financially. See what he says. Ya always got bankruptcy will be my bet… sad even that costs money.
          But heres the thing as has been stated time and again. They have to bring it to ya in your home state then (more money for them to spend) on just you alone, much less the other 1000s. Are you unlucky enough to win that lotto. Why would they bother to try knowing ya got no dough to take? If you were one of 50 maybe. If you lived in their home state maybe. If they thought they could force ya to sell a valuable asset (house) to pay maybe…doesn’t sound like yer in anyone of those situations.
          AND so what… even if all the worst happened to us dude, I got nuttin to begin with. Congratulations they just won a huge suit against you and you were ordered to pay $XXX,XXX dollars….um okay… are they gonna put ya through college/ get ya top job makin buku bucks to pay them back? LMAO at that thought. Hows that gonna work?
          If fines were relevant to alleged infringement, I’d have not a prob payin if I did it or didn’t. If ransoms were relevant to it, I’d pay. Someone in another country just got ordered to pay 7 bucks for an illegal song download. Thats relevant at seven times the itunes price. This is bull.
          If ya can’t afford lawyer, ya can’t afford the blackmail either, ya got no option but to sit and chill and go on with yer life. Do ya? I still am. Why just hours ago I stubbed my toe so hard I think I broke it. Life goes on. Found out moments before I needed surgery on it anyway. Irony again… damn its cruel.
          So … stub yer toe too I guess and realize they can’t take that from ya. Much less anything else you don’t have.
          Oh and later, if theres any later to these threats, we’ll talk if ya want, cause were close. But thats for later, not worrying about it now bro.

    • Oh, and “identifying information” entails your name/address/phone etc…thats on file with your provider. Right now all these losers have is an IP address. Which like ya said, could have been anyone that visited or used your wifi from afar. Or even took over your computer with botnet and you wouldn’t know. Even with password protection on your wifi there are programs that can crack it under 2 minutes. They can’t get more without your service provider giving it to them.
      Definitely go through all the posts here, it’ll help with knowledge and confidence.

    • They file in DC because they have biased judges there that let them send out subpoena’s to your ISP to get your name so they can start blackmailing you. Many other places and judges have said “No, don’t ever bring this to my court again.”
      They tried this other places first and got turned away, So they kept “shopping” for these types of judges and now use them constantly for the initial phase of getting your identity.

  38. Well, I guess doing nothing is about the only option I have, then. But, it puts me at ease, being 1.5k miles away, they having to PAY to have to go further with me, and all that. Not to mention, this case has been thrown out by numerous other judges. I mean, I hope to the Lord it won’t get any further, but I think they’d be nuts to pursue this for as long as it would take to get every last person. I’mma just do nothing I guess, for now. I’ll keep updating if everything goes alright. Thanks for the help guys.

  39. So since I’m doing nothing. My info is going to get released. Then they will send the settlement letters. Then whats going to happen?

    • Do not think we know the answer yet. No one has been taken to court in full name at all to our knowledge. They bank on people paying settlement money. If people keep paying settlement money though stupidly from fear they will maybe have the funds to sue people in court perhaps. We shall see.

      • Yes, we’ll see if they want to risk spending all that hard earned extortion money to get judgement that frankly wouldn’t affect most of us. They know the majority of their targets couldn’t pay the judgements ever…
        I almost am tempted to want them to try it, almost, just so they’d waste their money. But I don’t think they’re that dumb, I think they’re just greedy. If they’re just about the greed as we all suspect, they’re targets in these cases will be slim pickens and they’d have to choose very carefully and do a lot of research on individuals to target specifically to make ANY money off of in individual cases. And those people most likely just already paid the extortion… no targets left.

    • Then you wait. So far, in almost all of these cases, the people are dismissed from the initial case because they don’t live in the filing jurisdiction. Then the trolls depend on the fear of the possibility of refiling in your home jurisdiction to squeeze you into settling. Untill you are officially served with papers I wouldn’t spend a dime on this crap.

  40. Something Important to Consider:
    Those crooked D.C. jusdges should spend a few seconds in internet and search the listed IP addresses in google to find out the majority of defendants live out of their stupid unfair jurisdiction. But it seems that those retard lazy judges only sit on their big chairs in courts and use their gavels like a robot to deny all defendants motion to quash the unjustice subpoena frauds.

  41. We updated Rule #3 for those that do want to Motion To Quash. Also for those that may not now there are more updates on this posted. Just search West Coast Productions in the search bar or click that tag.

  42. So, for all I know, My number could be in there one day for dismissal for being too far away, or even for no apparent reason? If I do get a settlement paper, which it sounds like I likely will, I should do nothing at first?

    • ya definitely shouldn’t panic like they want.

      No apparent reason= they got your name and and know you aren’t in the jurisdiction they can go on with, so they send their threats of refiling in your state.
      Or No apparent reason = some pay out and they dismiss for that reason.
      Always a reason
      Not advocating that ya take it as nothing, but from what you’ve said, I don’t see what other option ya have. Same boat. We’d all like to find that awesome lawyer that tears em a new one, but #1 those are almost non existent it seems and the existent ones are sooo busy working on the first batch of this madness still and #2 ya got no money to extort from. Talk to a lawyer still, if ya want, its free to talk out that with him.
      I personally can’t afford either “option” as well. So My “choice” is to wait and see if they want to try it for real where I live and then lose all that money doing it for no gains from me what so ever aside from a judgement that means nothing to me financially.
      Check one of my reply posts above about “becoming judgement proof”, it’ll give ya more courage for that Huge IF, and its still seems to me to be a hurdle that they wont bother with anyway.

  43. According to TorrentFreak they shouldn’t even be sending these extortion letters and calls until they’ve actually filed already in your area.
    So far most judges are ignorant of the fact that this is happening. I don’t see how thats possible, except if these judges are hermits.
    Wake up Call “Your Honor”… seems imminent

  44. Oh, there have been a very small handful of people named in these suits. When one troll has a victim that lives in the other trolls jurisdiction. Its a tactic to maximize settlements through fear. They are hoping beyond hope I would guess to force those named people into settlements as well. You probably have better odds buying a lottery ticket than getting named IMO.

    • I wish them good times wasting the effort and money on individual cases that’ll get them nothing. The chick that got the huge millions fine for like 15 downloaded songs STILL hasn’t paid a cent. And never will, Ya can’t take what isn’t there.
      Can ya be a little more specific on that link, lots of cases and lots of submitted documents on each.

  45. What if I need more time in finding a lawyer to help me in this matter? Can that be used as a delaying tactic to keep my ISP from releasing the identifying information?

  46. If the ISP will relieve our info 30 days after the notice anyway, I think we all should try to quash anyway. Why worry about the anonymous or seal? Right? I think I will do it by myself. Does anybody have sample of motion to quash and how to file under seal or anonymous? Thank you.

    After this, we all should become porn activist for payback

  47. The Thief Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver Troll Lawyers are Gradually Getting Exposed:
    If only a few of us could hire different lawyers in different states to give these opportunitist troll lawyers a life lesson they will never forget. Please read this article Judge Cancels Subpoenas

  48. Enjoy Reading These Informative Articles:
    I wanted to share with you two amazing articles at http://www.wired.com and torrentfreak.com which has an excel spreedsheet exposing the extend of nasty scams conducted by trolls. It also portraits the moron face of the judge Beryl Howell who seems to have an orgy with dozens of troll lawyers.

  49. Apparently a very large portion of the Does were just dismissed: https://cyberlawy3r.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/west-coast-productions-v-does-name-or-dismiss-dismiss/

    Now, I found that my IP was listed in the document – which is dated 07/28/11 – as being dismissed. My only concern is that I still got a letter from those bastards, dated August 1st, AFTER the dismissal. I figure this is likely still just a scare tactic, but I have lingering concerns. Is there any way to verify beyond all doubt that I have been dismissed?

    • I had the same thing happen to me. The bastards made a last chance effort to squeeze some money out of people knowing that the case had been dismissed! That should be sanctionable IMO. Send a copy to the judge letting him/her know what these bastards are doing.

  50. I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining,
    and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I
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