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  1. hello admin,
    thank u very much for u r answer, i live in reston . i have time till june 13 for motion to quash or vacant the subponea.otherwise comcast will release my info.Today is June 3.

  2. Something Important to Consider:
    Only when a person is seeding (uploading) a file using torrent, that person is able to see the IP address of others who are leeching (downloading) that file. So it is very obvious that copyright troll companies have uploaded the files under investigation in the internet.

    These companies hope to use their seeded files as baits for identifying other people. In brief, the copyright troll companies have violated the copyright laws themselves in the first place and they must be proscuted. Hopefully, there are good lawyers who are willing to challenge these fraud copyright troll companies in the court.

  3. Just looked up the copyrights on both films at the U.S. copyright site. You’re welcome to check yourself as well.

    Tokyo Cougar Creampies Registration Date 2011-02-09
    Teen Paradise 4 Registration Date 2011-01-21

    Yet both have publication dates in 2010 as released. And as far as what I received -claim I infringed in December 2010. Need a professional to make this statement, but it seems to me that before the registration date they would have been public domain. I did not see any “application” for copyright dates on the pages that may also come into play I would think…
    Can anyone confirm my thoughts?

    It seems to me they filed the lawsuit shortly after telling their prospective client Imperial Enterprises to make sure the film was actually copyrighted this time unlike in other cases where their brilliant team filed suit first- then copyrighted the material.

    • ok, learning quite a bit through this stupid. I checked my own question and it is protected the moment they created it, its just they couldn’t sue until they registered it.

      So I guess the follow up stupid question I had would be.. how does one create a copyright free material if one wished to then? Probably just expressly stated somewhere on the work I would assume.

      • WAIT! They may not be entitled to statutory damages or attorneys fees in some situations, if the claimed infringement occurred before the date of registration (and registration was more than 3 months after publication). Check out copyright act 412. This is a big issue.

        • §412. Registration as prerequisite to certain remedies for infringement
          In any action under this title, other than an action brought for a violation of the rights of the author under section 106A(a) [17 USC 106A(a)], an action for infringement of the copyright of a work that has been preregistered under section 408(f) [17 USC 408(f)] before the commencement of the infringement and that has an effective date of registration not later than the earlier of 3 months after the first publication of the work or 1 month after the copyright owner has learned of the infringement, or an action instituted under section 411(b) [17 USC 411(b)], no award of statutory damages or of attorney’s fees, as provided by sections 504 and 505 [17 USC § §504 and 505], shall be made for–


          any infringement of copyright in an unpublished work commenced before the effective date of its registration; or

          any infringement of copyright commenced after first publication of the work and before the effective date of its registration, unless such registration is made within three months after the first publication of the work.

          • This can be paraphrased as:

            no award of statutory damages or of attorney’s fees, as provided by sections 504 and 505 [17 USC § §504 and 505], shall be made for–


            any infringement of copyright commenced after first publication of the work and before the effective date of its registration, unless such registration is made within three months after the first publication of the work.

  4. Any body doing something or are u guys ignoring it, plz response, i cant understand what to do?

    • Hey “name”, some are doing something by contacting lawyers for free advice (which I had a rant about on another page of this blog because of how little advice it was and how much it all costs regardless of what you do), some are outright laughing at this. We may not be professionals in the legal field, but facts are simply this: it would be impossible to sue 10s of thousands of people after they got your names. Its all threats and blackmail under the disguise of the legal system.

      I’m not givin them a single dime, which I’m about down to anyway and would but me a gumball first. It would cost them more to sue me when my name is released than they could ever get, especially when you consider bankruptcy. That may be scary for some people, its not for someone poor and with medical bills up the wazoo anyway like me. If you’re in the middle ground financially I can see how this may be a difficult decision, BUT if you pay them off for this one, and they have you on another one they set people up for, you will continue to get these… and more extortion leads to yet more. So only you can make this decision based on you’re thoughts of how much they “might” have in the future on you and where you’re sitting money wise. But its pure blackmail my friend, and works off your fear.

      I know, been stressed to the max since my ISP sent out the letter to me. UNTIL I started doing my own digging at this blog and others. Now that I just looked up the copyright on these two and it seems to be utterly out of whack to me, I plan on recontacting another lawyer with some more very specific questions on copyright legalities like the above stated and the possibility of countersuit against them for all the anguish and libel and blackmail. Like has been done already in a class action lawsuit against them. And I plan on not only them, but my ISP for releasing my personal info for an illegal subpoena and the adult film company for the same reasons as the lawyers.

      I have no idea what the lawyer will say and how many I will consult with about this idea. I do know, I’m not worried at all either way. Busy with work right now, so will do this midweek and let everyone know how it goes. Seriously, I am not counting on this making me rich, but none of this is right and I can’t imagine its legal at all, and I could care less if I lose in the long run, nothing to lose. Their wasting there time and money trying on me.

      I Highly suggest reading this blog and others like the ones at Torrent Freak even before ya contact a lawyer so you can know what to expect and what to ask. I would ask you not to give in to the demands, but I know you gotta do whats right for you and only you can know that. Just be armed with the knowledge of whats really going on first before you get scammed.

      • Thanks man for motivation, by digging various online material my conclusion is seat and watch, Actually this Imperial Inc case sue 3,145 people.I hope many of them also have something in mind like me. I found this website which is giving regular update about whats happening and also give good feedback, thank admin. I recently try to contact lawyer but changed my mind. Hope everything goes well for all of us, i will update situation. Again thank u admin and frends for response.

        • no prob, yer just lucky I had insomnia any way to respond to ya that quickly. LoL
          And welcome to the “eh, try to get blood from a rock” club. And remember there’s only like 13 of them 10s of thousands of us. Do the math, sorry ya have to, but obviously they can’t do it past their egos and the temporary pile of cash in front of them is really distracting them.
          Well, time to up my cholesterol. Did ya ever eat something so deliciously cholesterol ridden that you belched pure cholesterol into the air? Its the little things in life that make it great, purely awesome.

  5. Something Important to Consider:
    When you carefully look at the list of defendants’ IP addresses at the end of this document, Imperial’s Complaint, you will see that some of the IP addresses are duplicated or triplicate for the same movies with short download time interval. For example, lines 75 and 76, or lines 105 and 106, or lines 113 and 114, or lines 118 and 119 and etc.

    Does it mean that these internet users had shared or unprotected routers. Because nobody will download the same movie couple of times in a short period of time. I counted the number of duplicated IP addresses and there are 53 of them out of 3545 listed IPs. How did Imperial Enterprises save these IP addresses? Do they have a recorded image (screeshot) of the torrent users or have they just hired a low-wage employee to copy and paste the IP addresses to an excel file? How do they guarantee that there were no mistakes in creating the excel file?

  6. Something Important to Consider:
    When you compare the listed IP addresses at the end of these two documents, Imperial’s Complaint and West Coast Production’s Complaint, you will see that some of the IP addresses (53 out of 3545) are repeated nonesensely in the first complaint while there is no repeated IP address (0 out of 5829) in the second complaint. This shows a flaw in the Copyright Troll companies’ documents and it is an insult to the US judiciary system showing that anybody can create a base-less excel file and sue thousands of people because of the loop holes existing in the system.

  7. This is the shadyest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. 1st, I don’t know that I even downloaded it as I have no record of it on my system anywhere & while I have downloaded things like that in the past I honestly can’t remember this one.

    The ISP is under my mother in law’s name so of course she freaked out & wanted me to call up & settle out of court with these clowns so her name wouldn’t be soiled. Well I called comcast last week & had to leave 3 messages before I even got a call back later in the week. They directed me to the law firm that sent the subpoenas.

    They have a voicemail that tells you to go to a website for more info but the website is half in German & says nothing about this case. I finally got through to a person today after a week of calls & the guy told me to call Imperial Ent & gave me a name of Dijon Williams(i dont know if that the correct spelling) & gave me his cell phone number…

    Now why in gods name would I call the company directly to settle & not speak to the lawyers let alone have to call this guy’s cell phone? Ridiculous! I’m just gonna let this thing run its course & if it comes to it I’ll spring for a lawyer & drill these clowns into dust in the court room.

  8. Something Important to Consider:
    Have you ever thought why only the IP address and the service provider of defendants are listed by the copyright troll companies and why the state and city in which the defendants live are not listed.

    You just need to type the IP address in google to find out the city in which each defendant lives. Those crooked D.C. jusdges should spend a few seconds in internet and search the listed IP addresses in google to find out the majority of defendants live out of their stupid unfair jurisdiction. But it seems that those retard lazy judges only sit on their big chairs in courts and use their gavels like a robot to deny all defendants motion to quash the unjustice and fraud subpoenas. This really shows that D.C. judges and the copyright troll companies drink from the same fountain or have their hands in the same pocket.

  9. I spoke to a couple of lawyers, but everybody is advising to settle! Im not going to settle for something i didn’t do! How can they prove that i downloaded that movie? Even comcast does;t have the record. IP address doesn’t identify as person! What to do? I have till june 13

  10. So then it means there is no point of filing a motion and let it all take its course, and i just had another thought: people download stuff from all over the world, so how are they going to sue in different countries? I think they just want to get some money from people who get scared easily and don’t know their own rights! And i am 100 % against settlement! I will not let them get any money from me! I didn’t do anything and i know it’s a fraud!

    • Good for you. I’m with ya too.

      Nope, even more impossible to get someone in another country for them. Just U.S. ppl that they name in these cases.

      Although other countries have similar things going on as well. See TorrentFreak for those articles. Germany is getting slaughtered compared to us. Which is very disappointing to me from a heritage factor. Like there wasn’t enough shame in the first place associated with it.

      On the plus side the U.N. just said it is a basic human right to have internet access. Which is great for all of us because of all the schemes everywhere of “3 strikes and you’re cut off”.

  11. I’m just very disappointed that in situations like this one we have no way to protect ourselves and everybody wants to make money out of you even lawyers! I will do nothing just to prove that i didn’t do anything that they are accusing me of… will see where it’s gonna go. I am very disappointed in security of our web. You never know what to expect and how your information will be used!

    • Nope, no security on the internet unless your a self made hacker genius or went to college specifically for those skills. The average public is utterly out in the open, they can advocate educating and protecting yourself online with just those few words spoken and then what? Joe Public is supposed to learn binary?

      This is severely irritating me at the moment as well. I don’t really care if they want to come after me because I have nothing, but I can’t stop thinking about ways to shut these Trolls down for the amount of damage they are doing to everyones lives. This leads to serious migraines for me and insomnia. Not happy.

      On the plus side of that is formulating these ideas and thoughts and sharing them with everyone else to consider.

  12. I’m curious how challenged they have been in court to produce any proof besides that an IP connected just once on these alleged infringements. Were they seeding or leeching or both?And have they been forced to provide proof of which or both?

    Did they receive prior permission from their clients to download AND distribute these works AND have they ever provided proof of such permission with date? If so in my opinion, their clients would have been legally allowing their work to be distributed. Via the Trolls own words that “anyone who uses Torrents is by the very nature of the program distributing to every other user connected to him”.

    Not only that, but if they seeded the file themselves, it was entrapment through unclean hands. Have they ever been forced to provide proof that they did not?
    These files exist today to be download as further proof that they are continuing to bait and snare People who have no idea that the copyright owners do not wish to have it freely disseminated among the public. If the copyright owners did not wish it to be distributed, why have they not objected to the posted file to the website? And why are they not objecting to their own lawyers being part of the distribution process? Are they really going to try to argue that to catch an infringement you have to become part of the Infringement? To catch a crook you have to be a crook?
    Furthermore, have they ever been forced to provide proof that a download was completed (unless they analyzed your pc and provided definitive proof that the entire file was there and not just that a file with that name existed) vs. just connected to a peer?

    If not, it would be unreasonable to complain of infringement due to fair usage, as I suspect they will also not have proof of how much a download was completed. Proof of a file existing is not proof of an entire file existing. A partial file is useless. Unless it was very close to complete, like 99%, you can’t even watch it as its nothing but a blur of stops and starts IF it even plays at all. Again, Fair Usage.

    And as for their argument of everyone gives to everyone else in torrenting, they never mention that an individual may have only donated a very small percentage before the download ends, either by stopping or completing it. One user cannot be responsible and held accountable for the percentage another gives, or another gives, or another. One user can therefor again argue reasonable usage in the distribution of these small pieces vs. the whole.

    In short, they don’t have squat. Unfortunately it’ll have to be us who probably ends up educating the courts that their claims are unfounded and lack true evidence and have never been tested beyond “I see an IP connected”. And if they claim they have some wonderful technology capturing ALL this- Prove it! Submit it for independent third party testing to see if its even legal in a courtroom as ANY evidence what so ever. Otherwise their entire claim shouldn’t be admitted without proof of a valid court approved technology even capturing these IPs at all!

    WHEW!… needed to get that one out. Maybe now I can sleep and stop hatin’ Blackmailing scum.

    • Yeah, right? Isn’t copyright owner share/seed means no copyright infrigment, because that imply the downloader get the OK from them.

  13. we have to collect all information there is about this case, because i’m planning to fight till the end, Until they prove me guilty they have no right to ask for settlement . There are so many hackers right now, how do i know that my IP address wasn’t just used by someone else, and now i have to be responsible?

  14. Going to post these links again on this page like I posted them on the West Coast productions page for anyone interested In learning more on Making Yourself Judgement Proof (financially)-


    And Bankruptcy in these cases-


    All of which they know about and know that targeting most people will only backfire and cost them money.

    Yes, will fight also. Backing anyone into a corner like this only increases their survival instinct, and some will turn the tables at that point on the attacker. Not a wise move to pull on 10s of 1000s.

  15. Assuming that you don’t have one already. You should make a Twitter account so we can further keep up with thigns like this so we’ll have more information on what happens in the future.

    • Don’t know about twitter. There is not enough room to post enough words. If we do use twitter and if people want it would probably just be used to link to here for new posts or short messages. People are probably happy enough with the blog being up though. We shall see.

  16. does anyone have any useful info from the lawyer? every lawyer i called just offer to settle! Any other thoughts?

    • One lawyer I spoke to said I have five options:

      1. You can do nothing in response to the notice from the ISP. This
      will simply allow the ISP to release your identity in response to the
      subpoena and the litigation will take its course, as described above. As
      described above, you may then be named in and served with the complaint. At
      that point, you can re-assess your options and proceed accordingly.
      However, once you are served with a complaint in a lawsuit, will have only a
      limited amount of time to file a formal legal response. Therefore, you may
      wish to be more proactive and set forth your defenses promptly.

      2. You can file a motion to quash the subpoena. This option has been
      marginally successful up to this point. The reasons for these results are
      varied, but our research has determined that this strategy has met only
      limited success. If you wish to file this motion, you may do so
      anonymously, in combination with a motion to proceed anonymously.

      3. You can file a motion to dismiss after being served with the
      subpoena. In particular, if you are named in and served with the complaint,
      you can move to dismiss the claims against you. This option presumably has
      a good likelihood of success; however, there are downsides to this approach.
      If the motion to dismiss is granted, the Plaintiff could sue you in your own
      state. That being said, that is not a probable outcome, since these
      Plaintiffs seem to be more interested in the high volume of defendants that
      settle quickly rather that in the lone opponents that choose to put up a
      fight. However, a lawsuit in your home state is possible, even if not
      probable, and would be more difficult to defend than a lawsuit elsewhere.

      4. You can file a motion to quash the subpoena together with a motion
      to dismiss. This option is a combination of the second and third options.
      This option allows you to assert your legal defenses to the lawsuit without
      waiting for your name and address to be released and without waiting to be
      named as a defendant in the lawsuit. You can file these papers anonymously
      without disclosing your identity.

      5. You can settle the matter. We can help you negotiate with the
      plaintiff’s attorney and settle the matter anonymously.

      The second lawyer I spoke to said I should just settle the case, which I refuse to do, since I am not guilty of downloading there stupid movie.

  17. So, I received a letter back at the end of may about this from comcast. They said I have until 6/20 to file a motion to quash and what not. I’ve been reading up on this ever since and it seems like motions to quash are often denied. The lawyer I found through EFF charges $850 for a motion to quash and dismiss me from the case.

    I’m afraid that I’ll be wasting money if the motion is denied. He will try with a second motion free of charge if the first one is denied, which is good I guess.

    It seems like people on this blog aren’t bothering to do anything. I was considering doing this because I honestly did not download “Teen Paradise 4”. If I wanted porn, I would stream it. Downloading is absolutely absurd. I won’t lie though, I have downloaded tv shows and some movies, but I didn’t even know how to do that until recently. Maybe like 3 months ago. I supposedly downloaded “Teen Paradise 4” back in December 2010.

    It seems like no matter what route I take, these sharks are going to end up with my information either way. They can send me a letter in the mail asking for a settlement. They aren’t going to get it. I’m a broke college student. I have less then $100 in the bank. What do they expect to get from me? lol. I will scrape up the change to get a lawyer if I have to but I don’t have money to waste. I’d rather pay a lawyer then pay these sharks any day.

    Back to the initial reason for this post:
    Are other people getting a lawyer? Or are you guys playing the waiting game? What advantages would there be to getting a lawyer for this silly case?

    • Most, as you said are waiting from what it looks like. No one wants to feed these trolls, hardly anyone can feed these trolls if they wanted to. College for you, medical bills for me, etc etc.

      We presumably will need to get a lawyer when they name us in order to get dismissed for improper jurisdiction in most cases I believe. If the judge doesn’t do automatically, not sure on that one. Just don’t want any “default” judgements for anyone which would be ridiculous and after the judges have the information of location they should presumably know better.

      Advantages for gettin’ lawyer? Not sure, depends on how case goes with dismissal after jurisdiction issue is established. So far it seems from the posts, No advantages if your not middle class or above. Unless someone finds that lawyer who’s got an “unknown ace” up their sleeve for this (doubtful so far, but we’ll see). This is going to depend highly on what the first cases that go to court end up like as they will set precedence for future cases.

      Did ya tell the lawyer there’s no way you downloaded it as ya said?

      I mean, your pc will come up clean then if the worst ever happened and they checked, no worries there. I think one of the hardest argued point in these cases will end up being the supposed “obligation” of ppl to secure their wifi properly. We can’t all be techies, so sorry trolls.

    • I’m in the same boat. I didn’t even bother to file the motion to quash, due to its limited success. I spoke to several lawyers, all as you stated, suggest settlement. I’m just waiting to see what they will do once they get my information. Either way, I can’t afford to feed the trolls when I am hardly able to feed my children. Best of luck to all of us willing to stand our ground.

      thanks to admin and many who post here. I visit here quite often, a place of comfort, so to speak.

      • Try not to worry too much…. when people actually fight a troll and something works we will just post the documents here and than everyone will use almost the same thing to fight these idiots.

  18. So I spoke to a lawyer today and he told me to not do anything right now because it would just be a waste but if I wanted to I could settle to make it go away right now. The thing is that the ISP account is in my Dads name. If they get the information what damage can be done?

    • It would only be mental damage we would think. That is what the Copyright Trolls are banking on to make people settle for easy $$$. Embarrassment really. An IP does not equal a person as we stated below in another response.

  19. Me too. Here in the East, I think they lump 3 Does/case. No ground available for me to motion the quash since the court has jurisdiction over me, and we can not use ISP subscriber’s privacy policy anyway. http://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/frcp/Rule45.htm I have not consult any lawyer yet because it is expensive. I might have to find one from lawyers.com. I have till 6/29/2011. I will just wait and see also.

    I wish the ISP Cos help us out with motion that say it is burdensome and expensive for their business model because they have to use their IT for others evil gains. I am a nervous wreck with anxiety attack ever since I got the notice from Verizon. I am afraid of the internet now. I thought this is Land of The Free. Why are there so many laws to trap people for lawyer to sue for Free money.

    Also, I hope this post won’t give any blood sucker a chance to subpoena my ISP. I thought porn industry flood the internet with their movies to grow their customer base since porn can be addictive. But, they sue us instead. And I am innocent. We all should become activist against porn from this day on if they don’t drop this copyright entrapment crap. We don’t need porn! I think people in England put garbages infront their door so they get tickets. I pray all us lucks.

  20. How much is it to settle? If I wait and they get my information, will they will sue me for more then the settlement cost? What can they prove really?

    • $3000.00 , it depends on which idiot troll sends the letter. They cannot prove anything really with an IP. There has been a case like this where it has been dismissed because the Judge agreed that an IP != (does not equal) a person. You can still Motion To Quash Pro Se if a person really wants too (without a lawyer).

      • My brother got the letter from Comcast for the Imperial Enterprise, Inc. DOES 103, 145 case. The account is under his name, but ironically, my brother is mentally and physically disabled. He can’t even talk. If I ignore this, can they sue my parents in this case, since my brother is a dependent of my parents? My parents doesn’t even know what torrents are, they are computer illiterate.

    • If you wait and they get your information these Trolls always state they will sue for max ridiculous amount (hundreds of thousands). The likelihood of that amount being a judgement = next to nothing. They usually keep upping the amount of settlement offers as time goes by it seems for the hold outs hoping to wring more fear out of them. Their version of “shock and awe”. HA. If ya can’t afford the first amount, the next amounts will make you laugh even more.
      What they can prove (if they even bother to try because they have way to many a load to handle already within the 3 year time span allotted to do all this in courts), all depends on individuals situations and MOSTLY on what the presiding Judge will allow. Some won’t even tolerate this kind of blackmail in their courtroom knowing it leads to nowhere, others (like the DC judges) will be more lenient it seems given that they have previous ties to the recording industry and are biased from the get go. It all depends, and that’s where their trying to kill us with stress.

      Interesting side-note is this case most of them like reference for fear tactic on whats been “judged” already.
      But as Torrent Freak says if ya read between the lines a deal was probably made for way FAR less and this case was orchestrated to point out as a scare tactic for cases going on now.
      Here’s an article on what to expect in these cases of extortion for your reading pleasure also.

  21. I wonder if you settle with company-A which has a case against you right now, I think it is still not guaranty that you are done. How do you know that company-B, C, D, etc, are not in the works against you, because they also might have your IP on their list prior to the date of the case with company-A?

    My copy of the Subpoena to Produce Documents And Information listed only 3 IP Addresses with Hit Date only and no mention of the movie title. However, on the letter from Verizon, it say “Enclosed is a copy of the subpoena seeking your information and the exibit page containing the IP address that has been associated with your computer and showing the date and time you are alleged to have used the Internet to download or upload the particular movie.” Particular movie? Is this normal? They seek true name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and Media Access Control.

    • Exactly, settling with company A does NOT protect you from 10 more jumping on the band-wagon at a latter date and the extortion continues.
      “Particular Movie” does not sound normal. Mine specifically listed the title with the alleged date and time. Is the ISP too embarrassed to name an adult film to an alleged downloader? LOL. Name and etc. were all in mine as well.

      If you are Unemployed as your screen name sounds. Then they cannot Garnish your unemployment checks btw. See above Judgement Proof postings and google it for even more info…

  22. I think ISP indicate “Particular Movie” instead because the copy of the Subpoena only listed 3 does:
    Doe# IP HIt Date UTC Hit Date EST
    x xxx.xx.xx.xx (date&time) (date&time)
    x xx.xxx.xxx.xxx (date&time) (date&time)
    x xx.xxx.xx.xxx date&time) (date&time)
    I am afraid they leave it blank so they can have more room for manipulation.

    I have 3 or 4 more weeks left of unemployment checks, but can they issue subpoena to saving & 401K?

    IP address alone is not a concreate evidence nowaday since technology such as HideMyIP or FakeIP. They should provide Mac Address first and not asking the ISP to provide them. Can we motion to quash with this ground? Or should we wait and use this to fail them technically in the suit?

    • You can motion to quash with as many things as you want. Check out the examples we have on the Motion To Quash / Isp Subpoena Defense page. But some of them are denied depending on the judge. Some judges have denied them on the idea that a person is not identified yet to defend themselves etc bs like that. Trolls have fought the motion to quash as well.

    • Savings are fair targets for them, if they can find them. Don’t do anything illegal in hiding them as you will be in default of creditors then. That said there are many legal things you CAN do to not make it easy. Research + call lawyer to confirm, is my advice. 401k I don’t know about. Sorry, too tired to research anymore today.

      Same with MAC address, that I don’t understand and is over my head tech wise. Would be interested in hearing someone who can explain it in layman’s terms why they want that and just what dirt it has the possibility of giving the trolls on those alleged. Is it just that info made it to the modem, does it identify pc’s model and type? What if the modem had been replaced recently, before all this or after… lots of tech questions there I’m incapable of answering.
      At any rate, there’s bankruptcy.

        • Or that. 🙂 We like that too.

          Just a worst case scenario is all I meant. No matter what, don’t feed the trolls advice applies. If ya do the math on this scam its obscene. Over 200 million dollars extorted from the American public. Yeah, that’ll help the economy for sure.

  23. IP address and Mac address in layman’s term: Let’s say,
    A car match your car with your license plate just crashed into a jewlery shop, and the undescriptive driver ran away with a million dollar worth of jewelry. How do you find out about the owner? well, a CSI can use the license plate #(=IP address #) to find out from DMV (ISP company). The DMV(ISP) said it is register to you. Is that solved? No. You have to match the car BIN#(=Mac address) also. Yet the CSI person have to prove the driver was you. I want to use this analogy to dismiss the case. But…….

  24. When i called comcast, they said that if someone was using my IP, it means that the signal was going through my modem, which is my MAC as well. At the same time there is one question that bothers me a lot, it is how the copyright company got my IP in the first place? if they requested info from Torrent, how they got it without any legal base and court order?

  25. And another thing, as i see, there are only certain ISPs involved, so what does it mean that AT&T customer don’t download anything online? Or they just protect their customers better so nobody can hack into their customers computers? Very shady. I think it’s all security problems, and comcast and others are just easier to get in to, so now we are victims of nothing! Please help me find a way to prove that i didn;t download anything and this is just a scam!

  26. i have until june 20th to go to court in washington dc to produce all written, electronically stored information, or objects and permit the troll free inspection of my media. first of all i am in utah. i am female, i don’t download porn and had to have a friend explain what tokyo cougers creampie REALLY was. i thought it was old ladies eating in tokyo, food not the other….how do i quash this? i am a single mother, i barely clear 900 a month and didn’t work for over 10 months….I WILL not allow them to scare me at all. do i just sit on it and hope for the best or send a sealed response?

    • I would say call lawyer for free to say just that. Odds are he’s going to love your case I would think, and would hopefully be gracious enough to work for free considering hes going to win and get paid anyway. If not, keep trying others and find the one who will.

      • ya i called a lawyer and he wanted 400 no matter what, if i filed to quash or caved in. i didn’t have the money and when i called the dc courts about the filing fees, i didn’t have the money for that either. so now i am waiting. are the cops or feds going to break down my door in the middle of the night take my computer and destroy it looking for evidence and return it in a non-usable condition? what happens now?

        • Do not be silly. No. This has nothing to do with cops. It is just a stupid lawyer trying to get your info to send you settlement letters or try to sue you in a long long time from now that they have no basis of winning at all. It would be so hard to prove anything.

        • Nope, absolutely not, this is a civil case not a criminal case. Like a debt collector taking u to court to get a money judgement for unpaid bills.
          Ug, lawyers… was truly hoping to find the needle in the haystack I guess. Their prices do vary quite widely though, one told me hourly fee of 250 the other flat fee of 500 for filing motions(not including the price of filing, which seems to also vary by lawyer or by state from what others have posted).
          What did the dc courthouse say about filing fees? Filing for what, motion to quash?
          And are you sure u didn’t just get your isp got supoena letter(that would have been the first thing ever recieved in this regard) vs a Troll scare letter (second thing recieved) vs what u appear to have said was a summons to appear because you’ve been named in the case. You would have had to be served with that by someone and signed for it.

    • Cindy, I think you met a motion to quash base on court in Washington DC does not have jurisdiction over you. This does not guaranty that they won’t try to file your case again in Utah so that the court will have jurisdiction of you. But, do it anyway because the cost of traveling for you probably almost as high as the fee anyway. However, I am not sure in which state can you motion the quash? Also, if you think the quash motion paper work will be quick for you, try to do it a couple days close to the 20th so you delay them longer. Good luck.

      After this, we all should become porn activist for payback.

    • They are either paying out because they are stupid or there is something about that doe that makes them remove them from the case or three it is to make people think that people are settling so others think oh no I have to settle as well.

      Or The ISP said no to send them information. That is it also.

    • If the ISP will relieve our info 30 days after the notice anyway, I think we all should try to quash anyway. Why worry about the anonymous or seal? Right? I think I will do it by myself. Does anybody have sample of motion to quash and how to file under seal or anonymous? Thank you.

      After this, we all should become porn activist for payback.

  27. I think the best is to wait and see what they do next and then hire a lawyer if needed. Motion to quash is a waste of money, it will be rejected anyways.

  28. Lulu, June 13 is tomorrow. I hope you will still share.

  29. Will see after i receive a settlement letter. I want to know how much those sharks want from me… 🙂

  30. I’ve been looking up this law firms lawsuits. It looks to me like they try to fling as much mud at the wall and see how much will stick, which is not much. The way they get the addresses is not full proof. I’d say somewhere around 95% of these ppl are not in the jurisdiction of this court, which means they would have pursue it in each federal court. One IP I looked up is in Germany. Along the lines of IP addresses is that there is software available to use someone else’s IP. It’s not too hard to do; it’s about as easy is going to your neighbor’s car, taking off the license plate and putting it on yours. I’ve been reading about a motion to quash, which from what ppl have posted here is an expensive waste of time. If this case continues you can still attempt to have it dismissed, so it’s not like this the only thing you have in your power. My computer was hacked and had my email, fb, and bank acct compromised all around the time this downloading occurred. In another case the judge stated an IP doesn’t equal a person, hopefully this judge is about that smart. Keep updating, as I will.

  31. There are so many lawsuits listed on this page http://rationallaw.com/bittorrent-lawsuits/ Which one didn’t reach your mailbox yet? Should you pay the extortion now and pay again later, or deal with the court? They both are unfair for people that forgot about copyright and slipped up because they see free stuff on PUBLIC domain.

    Yes, plese share. Thanks guys.

  32. I’ve been told the settlement will cost you 2,000-3,500. I’ve talked to two different lawyers and they say not to settle, as it’s not probable that they can get to everybody (or anybody at all). However, if you end up in an unfortunate situation where you aren’t the one on the internet bill and your roommate is completely ignorant of computers, you may end up settling out of fear. I’m assuming the few hundred people that do this will make the venture worth the while and pave the way for future cases.


    • Which lawsuit did your lawyers looked at? Which ISP? So did the trolls send you settlement letters?

  33. today is 14june time up, now comcast will hand over my information to these trolls, thank u comcast.

  34. hello admin,
    i recently looked this case original .pdf file where it said DOES 1-3,545 defendant and and dated in March 9,2011 but when i looked my letter its says DOES 1- 3,145 defendant only and dated in 04/06/2011. In .pdf file we can clearly see the attorney signature divided in three mark, but my letter only contain first and second mark, there is no third mark as in orginal .pdf letter. so my question is
    why the difference between defendant number , date and just my paranoid question, does this signature make difference.
    thank u

    • My letter says DOES 1-3,145 also I have 2 marks for the lawyers name. I have Charter and have had issues with the modems for years…they actually told me one time that my modem IP address was also in another persons name

  35. Hopefully this judge is smarter than the one presiding over the West Coast Productions lawsuit. Only one can hope.

  36. hello admin,

    my case is like this
    Imperial Enterprises,Inc. v. Does 1-3,145
    United states district court for the district of columbia
    Docket No: 1:11-cv-00529-RBW
    Order Entered; april 5, 2011

    thank u

  37. Currently talking about it with my father on what we should do in case they actually try to sue us (which i doubt since this would take a shitload of time to process, especially with the number of people involved in the case to begin with).At first he thought that we should call them and try to settle, which I am against, and told him that we most likely should just wait it out and see what happens after that.

    Just in case I decide to make another choice, which would be the next best choice to take? Settling is not the choice I’m thinking of.

  38. i want to find a way to prove that i didn’t download anything. I have to find that software that allows you to use different ip address, which probably was what happened to me. Because Comcast said that if i didn’t have router there is no way that someone used my ip. About settlement don’t do it! for now. If you agree to pay once there is a chance that it will happen again and again!

  39. Lulu, check eff.org. I heard it might have something in there. I know there are ways to do it, I had a friend show me how but I never have my self. I filed a motion to be dismissed with it being sealed so the trolls can’t see my info. I know you can also hid your ip also some services make you pay a few bucks a month for and some are free. You could search that as a zero proxy of ip hider.

  40. I wouldn’t rely on the EFF. Try Booth Sweet instead, since they’ve also dealt with USCG in the past and has won cases against them. I emailed EFF a few weeks ago about the lawsuit, and I’ve yet to get a reply. Booth Sweet actually replied to me and gave me a set of options to go with, which are basically what has been posted throughout this blog.

  41. The Thief Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver Troll Lawyers are Gradually Getting Exposed:
    If only a few of us could hire different lawyers in different states to give these opportunitist troll lawyers a life lesson they will never forget. Please read this article Judge Cancels Subpoenas

  42. Well, tomorrow the trolls get my info. I decided not to do anything at the moment because I didn’t want to waste $850, considering how little money I have at the moment. Will post back again once I receive a settlement letter in the mail.

      • Yeah, after reading more and more on this site I am a bit less worried. If they send me a settlement letter, can I refuse to settle without a lawyer? Or would I have to get a lawyer to handle it? I would love to see what they do after I refuse settlement.

        • Do not do anything. Anything you send to any lawyer can be used against you. It is like a cop, do not talk to a cop. People succeed because they give others ammunition to use against them.

  43. There’s also Jurisdiction to take into account as well. They can’t directly sue you unless they sue you in your home state, or you’re within their jurisdiction of where they are suing you from, if I recall correctly.

  44. After receiving the Comcast letter a month or so ago I called up one of the lawyers EFF has listed on their website. He hadn’t heard of the case at the time and looked it up real quick. He saw that Bennett is located in D.C. and suggested to “sit back and enjoy the ride”. He pointed out, that they are going after thousands of people, they wouldn’t have the manpower to go after all of of us, that they were located in a different state and never sue anyone anyway because they cannot actually win in court and they know it. They are after the easy targets that get scared and pay up. Taking anyone of us to court costs them a lot of money up front, they know that they can’t win. So they won’t. He said, that I would most likely never ever hear from them.

    They have an IP address which they could have pulled from anywhere. I’m always sharing a number of Linux distributions and some audio podcasts. This means my IP address is constantly out there in the big wide world of torrent. Hell, this website, I’m writing this on knows my IP address … it has to in order to communicate with my browser.

    • We have stated that in constant posts on this blog that people should not be worried and not pay up but some still ask what they should do and are scared :(. Also, if you want to hide your IP from being logged on websites you can just use TOR Browser.

  45. Yeah, the IP could of been pulled from anywhere and thats been pretty established as has been stated by Anonofliberty. But what’s difficult for everyone to grasp is how these cases will proceed. When I inquired to the last lawyer I called if its automatically dropped once they find out a name thats out of jurisdiction he said “no, not necessarily…”. What-ever that means. So yeah, thats worrisome, not to mention unfathomable to those with any common sense (vs some bizarre and twisted version of sense in the legal world). And someone above named Cindy posted she received a summons to DC to produce her pc etc, so unless thats a troll in disguise using scare tactics… Not that I wouldn’t put it past a troll to do something like that, but have read on torrentfreak a california court entered a default against a canadian for not showing up for 60 ridiculous grand. Good luck getting that from a Canadian Trolls. More posturing on their part. Glad they wasted the courts time and their money.
    So at any rate, Guess we wait and see if we get “named in and served with the complaint” and access our options at that point as the lawyer told NowEverPoorer, or if the trolls just send “BigFoot” letters as another lawyer nicknamed them that I talked to. The judges better damn well be “amenable” to out of jurisdiction issues at that point or theres gonna be some serious straight to their face contempt of court going on.
    Anyone else actually been served with the real complaint like Cindy or just Bigfoot letters?

    • What does “her PC” mean? I mean, there is the PC I’m using now, my old PC in the other room, my wife’s work laptop which she doesn’t even own and takes back and forth to the office, her old laptop and of course the torrent capable Network Attached Storage. And what does a PC do for them if you can just swap out the hard drives before handing it over? I’m a little paranoid of someone breaking into my house and stealing that fine machine of mine, so all of my harddrives are TrueCrypt encrypted. The sheer existence of the TrueCrypt archives can’t even be proven. Again, they are just trying to scare people.

      • I see your points… in so far as I’m able to understand them at least. My point wasn’t any of that, it was merely that default judgements for not showing up from another state shouldn’t even come close to happening, yet apparently its possible some how. Not all of us would have the finances to even travel there and defend ourselves pro se. Or the expertise you have with PCs to be able to do those things. Truly wish I did my friend. My only implication was that this is scary at times, if for no other reason than because we’re up against a corrupt legal system and those corrupt individuals within it seemingly by ourselves. Is that going to make me cave in and pay up? Ha, no. But I do understand perfectly well and empathize for those with not even my meager knowledge and in similar financial situations of not being able to pay up either way.
        Would it be possible to group defense ourselves with one good lawyer for those out of jurisdiction/other defenses I wonder so the burden of that financially is more possible? Just thinking ahead and musing out loud I guess. Saw JaneDoe trying to organize something similar in her SoCal case.
        Point remains that some will cave and others like us won’t. Trying to help stem the tide of those caving in will require organization at a case by case level. Cudos to those who can do it all on there own, mind throwing the rest of us a bone to sharpen up who don’t have one of our own? Like I said, Gonna fight it through. Just thinking ahead, thats about my only way to contribute besides moral support for us all. Part of the reason they’re getting all those settlements is because they’re scaring individuals and not the mob that they’re suing… Get what I’m saying?
        That being said I’m certainly not suggesting we all trade names and numbers and hugs. But maybe something like all calling the same good lawyer individually and asking to be part of a group effort like this. Its all going to be the same arguements anyway, all they’d have to do is make one giant sheet of arguements and add each persons name to it that called them. Use the Trolls own tactics if you will. See how they like it, especially the jurisdiction which would hit them hardest having to give up and refile a ton of others.

        • Counting not only this case, they are going after hundreds of thousands of people and I’m sure, some are going to put up a fight. The problem here in the U.S is that many people can’t afford to pay off their credit cards, not to mention afford a lawsuit. In Europe you can buy legal insurance and if you get sued or whatever your insurance kicks in. In Germany at least, there is special kind of financial aid for legal battles because the government doesn’t believe that only the rich should be able to afford legal victory.

          I don’t think you’d need a giant sheet of arguments. The burden of proof is on them. You don’t ever have to proof you didn’t commit murder. The court has to proof you did. And back to the computer, what if they did find something on your hard drive? That would hardly hold up in court anyway. They have an agenda and planted the evidence. Just like they collect IP addresses. It’s not like they are a neutral party, they are just carpet bombing.

          But if they make the mistake to drag me to court, I will hire the sleaziest lawyer I can find and counter sue them for damages so bad, I’ll be able to pay off the house in cash.

          • yup yup, agreeing with ya on their job to prove blame. But ya gotta remember the sleezy judges in DC are on these ones, and since this is civil court there’s not only no jury- but they don’t even have to prove beyond reasonable doubt like they would with a jury trial and the judge decides. Thats part of their master plan. They want the deck stacked to them like that. And that’s why I keep thinking specifically about the jurisdictional issue being their biggest weakness. Getting them out of DC and they won’t even bother because they don’t have pet judges for sure anywhere else.
            I’m in on your counter suit if it ever gets to that point. Got a feeling they’ll be bankrupt and disbarred by that time though just like the UK version of them was.
            And yeah, the rest of the world is rooting for us here in the states. They can’t stand our government or corporations, but they have nothing but respect for us citizens for having to live like this. Have read that over and over at Torrent Freak comments.
            LOL@ sleaziest lawyer… how u gonna decide with the 1% u knocked out with “-est”?

  46. So my father had called Comcast today about the lawsuit in question, and he asked them to see if we had actually downloaded the DVD in question. And going by what he told me, we haven’t done such a thing at all at the date that we were accused of downloading the file. Even though I know that none of us are out of the woods yet, I feel much better.

    • Which lawsuit is this? How would comcast verify that you did or did not download this file in question. These torrent downloads are uploaded and downloaded in bytes. They wouldn’t know for sure.

  47. They probably answered to the question about download “DVD”. You can not download a DVD. On my notice, Verizon indicated that they don’t have any information to prove or disprove of file downloaded. Why should they have the burden to keep unecessarey info for the function of their business?

    I need a sample of motion to quash for improper joinder, pro se, by June 28,2011. Please Help.

  48. If you really look though, nobody is REALLY getting named in these “far away” courts. If you are keeping tabs on these cases most of the storys are about dismissals. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO NAME PEOPLE IN 99% of these cases. They want your info to send you a demand letter. They WILL (and have) named a few people here and there, but thats just to scare people into paying up. And even in those cases they are betting on a settlement and not a trial. The best option so far IMO is to do NOTHING unless and until you are served with court papers specifically naming YOU as a defendant. Everything else is simply a waste of $$. Quashing fails most of the time. Paying an attorney for what looks like a scam vs a true lawsuit is a waste of $$.

    Watch and wait.

  49. Well, Patrick Collins Inc., is refilling many cases in the defendants’ jurisdiction in the East Coast, one movie per case and ask for different jugdge each case. http://www.rfcexpress.com/lawsuits/copyright-lawsuits/new-jersey-district-court/72683/patrick-collins-inc-v-john-does-1-9/related-cases/ We all should motion to quash anyway possible as John Doe #NNN(IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx), PRO SE, even it will fail anyway. But, it shows you stand up for your right. Don’t let them get you easily. If you motion the quash close to your deadline, and submit the filing proof to your ISP, they will hold your info longer untill the court made a decision on your motion. Nothing to loose, except a chance to gain.

    So many DOES, http://archive.recapthelaw.org/tags/copyright%20troll/ , the Does should come to this site and work to pool up the settlement money and work to abolish porns. Porns creep to our neighborhoods, creep to our pcs, and now might even ruin our lives becauase a few clicks without thinking. We can even use the settlement pool instead of paying them to lobby DC to change the copyright law to reflect the new reality. For now please boycott porns!! you can see what it can do to us now.

  50. So, I have been preparing my motion to quash in contest of joinder (improper joinder) in my immigrant’s English. I can only produced about 90 words paragraph; Not much to feel positive about, but I had some hope. However, I feel defeated after I call the court’s office of Pro Se. The person answered the phone was not very helpful and he sounds not very knowledge. He just directed me to the court’s website for instruction and form for motion. I have only 2 or maybe 3 days left. I’m defeated. I don’t think I will feel proud of America anymore this July 4th 2011 on. I have been struggling to build life about 20 years with no social life at all. Since the CDO and mortgage back security debacle, I lost my job, and I have very devastated chronic neck pain till now. And now, I am screwed by greedy porn companies for my small ignorant slip up in my home. This is the worst feeling I ever have in comparing to my experiences living under communist in my former country! I should be worry about job search, not this.

    • Thanks so much for all your post “Unemployed John Does” . My stituation is very similar to your,
      I was thinking of filing a chapter 7 or 11 ater reading you posts I don’t know if this is a good idea.
      After 20 years working hard in this country I am now facing a lawsuit that may cost me everything
      I have. Please keep posting anything you have that we all can share and I will keep fight this
      lawsuit until I lose everything.

  51. Is this the new American’s dream? Jobs are out sourced, Laid off, No home, high rent, and get sue? Does China accept immigrant?

    • I’m truly sorry for your ruined dream of what you thought it was like in America. But believe me when i say that this is just what it was like to learn all those things in school here about how great it is and how many rights we have and then really grow up and discover almost none of it is true. We all just do the best we can no matter where we are from, and deal with the bad parts of life as we get to them. Its truly the same story the world over. On the bright side… I just gotta laugh when I look around despite it all. Because that’s how i choose to be, and you can do that anywhere.
      On the other plus side its like I told my Sister one time in a great debate we had…my generation and the ones that followed it have been fed up from the begining. We know there’s no effective way to change this broken system we have here through the process, so we’re waiting…waiting until those who sustain it die off. Then hopefully and with a lot of luck we can be better. We consider this era to be the final fart of the dieing old prejudiced two-faced money-means-everything broken-two-party system. Got Patience with a smirk on the side 😉

  52. Does any body know the ISP give out which MAC Address? MAC address of the router, or MAC address of the pc?

    • What difference would that make? Bennett still pulled your IP out of his a$$.
      And I would highly doubt your ISP even knows your computer’s NIC’s MAC address.

    • The ISP will gives the MAC address of the router. If they keep their DHCP logs long enough to be mined for data, they can tie the assigned IP address to the MAC address of the router at the date and time the trolls say the infringement was detected.

      • I don’t think the ISP even knows your router’s MAC address. They know (have to know) the modem’s MAC because that’s what’s registered with them and that’s what your ISP connects to. Maybe there is a way to pull the router’s MAC through the modem’s log or something. It’s the next device in the chain and it’s typically directly connected to the modem. They may have some backdoor access to the modem, but any MAC address still hinges on an IP address that Bennett potentially just made up.
        It’s like looking up your car’s VIN using only your license plate number. What if that license plate number is wrong? It’s secondary information generated based on false primary information which makes it pretty much worthless.

        Bennett doesn’t know your modem’s MAC address, he only claims to know your IP address. The MAC address information is furnished by your ISP, based on potentially made-up information given to them. I don’t think it’s too far fetched to assume, that somebody who’s in the business of exploitation of women would stop at using made up IP addresses for his extortion scheme. The IP address is the weak link, everything that comes after that is irrelevant IMHO.

        • Even with a router’s MAC address, what can that prove?
          Does that prove that you downloaded the file?

  53. In order to get more news like that, I suggest all the John Does that still have the chance or NEW Does, file their Motions: motion to quash, motion to dismiss, motion to sever or whatever. It is an opportunity to let the court hear your rant or cry for help. Just do it, nothing to lose. Just don’t incriminate yourself. Do it a couple of days before your deadline so you can benefit the delay time until the judge make the decision on your motions. File your motion anyway even you are not sure of your standing. You can do it yourself if you want to save money for later. File your motion as John Doe #nn, PRO SE. Provide anonymous e-mail address instead of home address. Bring 3 copies or mail them in to the court where the case is. Direct it to Pro Se Office if you don’t have attorney. The clerk will stamp it.so you have one copy for proof. If you mail it in, mail with tracking (anonymously I think). I walked in to the court’s pro se office to get my motion stamped. Then you have to fax or mail a copy of the stamped motion to your ISP as proof with tracking info if you mailed in your motion. You can check the court website where the case is at for fill in motion form if they have it. Here is Example of filing as John Doe #nn:


    JOHN DOE #nn (of 1-300)
    and multiple JOHN DOES,

    This site has Motion sample here: https://anonsofliberty.wordpress.com/motion-to-quash-isp-subpoena-defense/
    Or look through these case for sample http://archive.recapthelaw.org/tags/copyright%20troll/
    This site has suggestion for your ground/stand http://www.ipally.com/profiles/blogs/chicago-firm-attempts-to

    Good luck.

  54. Ooops, it shoud say GREEDY DRUG ADDICTED PORN COMPANY, Plaintiff

  55. So, has anyone received any letters yet? I haven’t. My information was handed over on June 20th.

  56. I canceled my comcast internet. Now i’m with Att&t. So far so good. Didn’t receive any letters yet. Will see

  57. @lulu, i also want to cancel comcast, but just my thought, if i cancel comcast, they will get more point to blame me.So i wanted to stay with them at least 1year look like as loyal customer. Any suggestion for my paranoid thought. thank u

    • The reason i canceled Comcast, it’s because i don’t trust their network. What if tomorrow i will receive another letter with threats of law suits. I don’t need that. They will not blame you because you want to protect yourself. I think opposite, if it ever goes to court you will have an advantage, because you canceled unsecured network right away after that letter, rather than just keep using it. Because if i know 100% that i didn’t download any movies, especially adult ones, it means someone used your IP address, so who’s fault is it? Service provider because of the lack of security. And another reason i canceled comcast, is because when i received a letter, i called to legal support, left them 100 messages, but nobody called me back. Is it a customer service? I don’t think so! So no loyalty for them!

  58. Hey people, do you know soon we probably will be getting sue for watching streaming video too? Your high speed internet will be useless. So here is your chance to get back at the industries.

    Oppose Congress’ Criminal Streaming Bill

    Reject the PROTECT IP Act

  59. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock, y’all waiting because IPS can only produce a limit info per month.

  60. Anybody named in a lawsuit yet? I read on another website that the letter doesn’t matter unless you are specifically named on the court document. How long is the wait after your isp gave you up for the trolls to send you a letter if you are out of state to pay up. How do they determine how much? Please help.

    • They determine how much it would cost a lawyer to defend you and use that amount. They do not want you to fight them because they probably will not take it to court as they know there are thousands of people they are trying to get and it would take forever to go take each of them court and lots of $$$$ their clients do not want to pay to get people to court rooms. Their proof is flawed as well. They are just betting on people being nervous or scared like you. Would not be so nervous if we were you. If they have your name and address cancel your ISP and go to one that does not keep records, do not except any mail from them, sign for nothing, tell the deliverer to send it back. Do not pay them or contact them either or answer their phone calls because they could record them and use it against you possibly. There are THOUSANDS of people they are trying to get. Their proof is laughable too. Do not pay these scum and extortionists. Record their phone calls on your machine and put them on the net or any documents you might get from them.

  61. Is there a new page or any info out there for this new case of IMPERIAL ENTERPRISES vs. DOES 1 – 3,145? I got one of these stupid letters from Neustar so I am just awaiting one of those settlement documents as well!

  62. From what I’ve been reading, it seems that they went from $1,500 settlement in 2010 for a legitimate studio movie (the hurt locker) to $3,000 for a porn movie in 2011, next year will probably be $6,000. How does one make a low budget porn and make a shit load of money because “someone” uploaded it for sharing….

  63. What is the difference between the case with 1-3,145 and this case 1-3,545. My info is listed on both. Should I be worried?

  64. So I received the extortion letter, asking for $3500 now or $4500 after Oct 13. My ISP was thorough, gave them my address, phone number, everything. Trouble is I’m a foreign grad student, messing with the local legal system may compromise me in terms of good standing. I think these people have won in my case. Has anybody actually struck up a bargain with them? Tried to settle for less than 3500? I daren’t get a lawyer involved, lest my name start figuring on obscure legal documents online that might be pulled up in random search. Question is, if I contact the MLG LLC, would that be “admission of guilt” that could be used against me in some weird way? Any help would do, thank you.

    • Hire a lawyer, do not talk to mlg, that firm is very fishy in the way it conducts its extortion. Besides read the subpoena and see that mlg is no where on that as an attorney for the plaintiff. You might end up paying double if you pay mlg instead of uscg or triple if you call them yourself directly.

    • Absolutely hire a lawyer. If you’re going to settle, you will need a lawyer to review all of the contracts to make sure that they’re not trying to screw you further. For instance, if they phrase things the right way in the settlement, they can come back and sue you AGAIN for plaintiff’s attorney’s fees in negotiating the settlement.

      Don’t try to settle on your own. Find a lawyer who can take care of it for a few hundred bucks, and you’ll save yourself a lot more trouble that you don’t need.

      • Jane, MLG LLC as you already know is unsearchable on Google at least. There’s a couple of links to news articles here that actually says that MLG is the new action wing of DGW, formed after Ken Ford, a super shady attorney known for sueing people for pron (motto: “Hardcore Protection”) downloads merged with DGW. They both share this Bennet guy. An intern from DGW acknowledged that MLG was working for DGW. I’m in shite load of potential trouble for my future, I just want out, period. I opted the wimpy way out. I hope the rest of you guys find a better way out. I’m disappointed in the current US legal system. It should not be this easy to extricate money from people.

      • Thanks Jane, I really take comfort in this knowledge. And yes, I have doubts about using lawyers to mitigate this situation, although at first look it would appear to be logical to fight poison with poison, lol. I shall keep in touch. May I ask if they’ve targeted you as well?

        • My case is over (most likely – not officially dismissed but my troll Sperlein seemingly decided to lay on the bottom, he is slightly cleverer than other clowns). It’s shame that he will get away with all that bloody money he extorted (~200K from multiple cases as I roughly estimate). My story is here.

          As for the lawyers I’ve already recommended one – Nick Ranallo is a terrific guy and genuinely despises trolls. He published a couple of good articles on TorrentFreak, and I communicate with him privately.

  65. In my opinion, mlg might be trying to steal from uscg by trying to get the poor and scared victims to settle that is why they are sending the letters themselves even though they partnered with uscg to file the complaint back in february because mlg was having some legal dilemmas with its extortion tactics, but wait, according to http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/09/how-a-troubled-west-virginia-lawyer-foisted-a-nightmare-on-the-nation.ars/3 —–it may be a tactic to get you to settle quicker if you get a letter from both mlg and uscg.

      • 100% fake copyright ‘adviser’. you’re right, They obviously planned this to get to vulnerable targets. Who knows, this outfit is probably run by Ford himself. So the ‘offer letter’ I got was from MLG. Media Law Group doesn’t exist as far as Google is concerned. What law firm doesn’t advertise itself? – the shady kind. Update on my situation coming soon.

        • http://adultcopyrightcompany.com/contact.html
          Media Law Group DBA (doing business as) Adult Copyright Company, which is Ken Ford. Note the contact name in the url – E. Leslie Bennett. Also note the name of the lawyer who presented the case in DC on behalf of (not admitted, because he’s a douchebag) Ken Ford: Ellis L. Bennett.
          So it appears that Ken Ford, who runs ACC & MLG out of West Virginia (sister-cousin country) is working closely with Ellis Leslie Bennett who works for U.S. Copyright Group, aka Dunlap Grubb & Weaver out of DC (corrupt political wasteland).
          You gotta have a PhD in douchebaggery to keep up with all of the LLCs & artificial storefronts of these sleazy lawyers. I’m sure they spend their Friday nights laughing maniacally and generally being evil together.

          • There seems to be a scam going on with this 2 companies, why else would Eliis Bennett’s name be listed differently for mlg and uscg/dgw. Or maybe Bennett is embarrassed to be associated with mlg, so he listed his name differently for mlg.

  66. Are you reading this Ellis Bennet? Hope you are. No one loves you. There’s a special place in hell for the likes of you. Take Ford with you.

  67. Well folks, like many of you here i also got a letter from verizon stating that i am part of a lawsuit (imperial enterprise inc v does 1-3145). I have till the end of the month to respond. At first i freaked out but reading all the post here ive calmed down alot, thank everyone. I also took janes advice and got in contact with nick ranallo. His gonna get back to me tomorrow. My initial thought was to do the quash and dismiss but im maybe thinking about waiting it out. Will get nicks advice. I have some questions:

    1. can the trolls screw your credit rating?
    2. is california easy state for these trolls to come after you?
    3. should i put a twinky in my computer and go to the airport with it in hopes that the tsa will confiscate it?

    I will keep you guys updated.

  68. Ok. Spoke to nick ranallo and here were my options.

    1. quash – if you wanted to go this route, you will need to find a lawyer in this state to file for you or you can do it yourself. (district of columbia)

    2. wait it out! i’ve been to different sites like eff, freeadvice and so on. the consensus seems to be is just wait it out. quashing will cost money and seems like a very high number of these are being thrown out. this means that the trolls are gonna get your info anyways so it might be wise to just save your money or place it toward your defense fund.

    one thing ive learned is not to be afraid. if i eventually end up getting a letter, i plan on sending back a “cease and desist letter” to keep them from bothering me and contact a lawyer to see what needs to be done. i honest think that it wont get this far. these guys are going after scared people. their not gonna spend time on people who arent gonna cooperate.

    i’ll keep posting……

  69. I picked out a lawyer from EFF that practiced law in DC. I inquired about getting help with motion to quash. I was curious to see what type of money i was looking at when it came to this insane lawsuit.

    1. “the motion to quash has not been successful”. they didnt offer a price. im guessing their saying save your money.

    2. they said it would be better to spend some time and analyze my situation and see what my best option would be. $300 flat.

    3. if i wanted to get out of the case, then im looking at $600 retainer to handle much or potentially most of the charges. Their fee is $295/hour, and average time they’ve been spending is anywhere from 2-4 hours on these cases for clients that wish to settle.

    So if one was to settle, their looking at potentially $3500 (extortion fee) + $1180 (lawyer fee) = $4680!

    The question i have is:

    1. is this lawyer saying this because its more money for them?
    2. Has quashing worked for anyone?
    2a. Do you know how much it cost?
    3. have these guys gone after the individuals in the state that the individual was residing in or are they for now just contrating on the settlers?
    4. Once you get their extortion letter, can you send them a cease and desist letter (basically challenging them to sue)?
    5. Is a lawyer really needed?

    I guess my next post will be next month after im the letter. In the mean time, it would be helpfull to see what others have done that are in front of me in this crazy process.

    • No I don’t think you need a lawyer to settle. I didn’t use one, they just need your cash, they are also ready to negotiate. The lowest they go is 2000. So, sickening as it sounds, settling and personally negotiating a price drop works out for the best as of now. They have interns or assistants on the phone at DGW’s. Thats how serious they are about this lawsuit. I’m dead sure this intimidation is the only thing they’ve planned. But Does like me are settling. Lawyers suck.

    • I think that law firm is hyping their rate. (DON’T BE A DOUBLE VICTIM) Even if they talk to settle on the phone, from what they are saying, that is too long to be spending on the phone, most people who try to negotiate themselves like some of what I’ve read, most just calls and counter offer and they receive a call back from the troll with a lower amount. Repeat that about 2 or 3 times and I doubt you’ll spend 30 minutes total. REMEMBER PEOPLE THESE IDIOTS ONLY WANT A QUICK SETTLEMENT AND MOST ARE WILLING TO GO DOWN TO $1500 VS. $3500. TO THEM ITS A WIN-WIN BECAUSE IT ONLY TAKES THEM LESS THAN A MINUTE TO PUT YOUR NAME ON AN EXTORTION LETTER TEMPLATE AND TO MAIL IT. DO THE MATH: $1,500-47(STAMP)=$1,499.53. LOOK AND COMPARE RATES FROM DIFFERENT FIRMS AND ASK FOR A FLAT RATE. (IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SETTLE) But sometime its best to just wait it out, just like S.Janedoe did. (see her website-wink-wink)

        • These guys are awesome! Know their stuff. It depends where you are.
          Cashman Law Firm: Well known troll defender. He blogs about everything and is very well informed.
          Nick Ranallo: I’ve heard/read great things about him as well.

  70. 1. Eff list is not compiled by EFF, those attorneys asked to be included themselves. Although the majority from that list are great attorneys who care about freedoms etc., there are some bad apples there. One lawyer from that list pushed me hard to settle…

    2. Motion to quash do work. Not often, but the probability of a motion to be granted rises as judges become aware about the scam. Even if motion is not granted (some judges are formalists – my motion was not granted because I filed it anonymously), and a judge reads it, he may be swayed in the right direction. Yesterday’s event is a good example. Judge Zimmerman also granted many motions, and, as I said, this number is growing.

    3. Yes they did (look at IO Group cases on my site for example: Somoza, Almeida, Doe, Antony Ui.) But! The only reason why they are going after individuals is to scare others. As with mass cases, they have no intention to go all the way to the jury trial. 2 IO Group cases are dropped already. Yes, it is possible but the probability is low. To be safe, I would recommend to file a motion anonymously (no #, no IP.): if judge is on our side, he will grant it or sever all Does but one; if he is on trolls’ side, he won’t grant a motion with IP written, and trolls may vindicate.

    4. I wouldn’t recommend pissing them off, though I understand the temptation to say something nasty. They are heartless bastards, but still people – not without emotions, so it is possible they would go after you just based on emotional reaction. Just ignore letters and hang up when they call. At very maximum ask them not to call you again. Never talk to them! You never know all the twisted ways they can employ to use your words against you!

    3. No. Not at this stage. If you are named and served, than maybe yes, though anyone is able to file a response without a lawyer given many good examples. But at this moment – save money.

    Remember: 200K victims are being targeted. How many were found liable based on merits (not on procedural gimmicks like defaults)? Zero.

    Thanks for not succumbing to threats and paying a ransom. If a critical mass of Does refuse to pay, trolls’ “business model” will collapse miserably.

  71. I was wondering about a similar case that is with this same judge Reggie B Walton. I received a subpoena for a case that I haven’t heard much about and am trying to see if anyone else has the same case or helpful info.
    It’s the AF Holdings,LLC v. John Does 1-1140
    Docket No.# 11-cv-01274-RBW
    I haven’t heard or read too many cases with this judge besides this one and what the results have been. I’m like everyone else and don’t want to settle but scared that I’ll be financially crushed if I end up being the very unlucky ones they go after.

  72. Sorry guys if i wasnt clear but im not settling. I just put those rates up so people can see what hiring a lawyer might cost. I mean that was what i was thinking but im absolutely no settling.

    I suggest everyone go read this article in EFF dated Oct 5th, 2011 – 10:14PM title ” Court calls out copyright trolls coersive business model, threatens sanction “. From reading this, tides turning big time. Heres a small piece of the articel – “According to some of the defendants, the plaintiffs then contacted the John Does, alerting them to this lawsuit and their potential liability. Some defendants have indicated that the plaintiff has contacted them directly with harassing telephone calls, demanding $2,900 in compensation to end the litigation. When any of the defendants have filed a motion to dismiss or sever themselves from the litigation, however, the plaintiffs have immediately voluntarily dismissed them as parties to prevent the defendants from bringing their motions before the Court for resolution”.

    What i get from this is take these guys on and they’ll just drop you.

    • Not necessarily. There’s a few things the trollawyers can do to pursue you without having to go to a jury and have their weak-ass evidence scrutinized by the court.
      If they decide to pursue you, they can file subpoenas to have your hard drives scanned and analyzed by forensics, and make you provide some depositions all as a matter of fact-finding and further discovery. If they find what they’re looking for, they can file for a summary judgment against you … essentially having the judge declare you guilty based on the evidence, and demand money without ever having to take you to trial.
      If they don’t find what they’re looking for, I’m sure they would just drop the suit, rather than risk having their faulty evidence exposed in a pointless case trial.
      In a nutshell, you shouldn’t think that you can bluff your way through and have the trolls back off once they see you refusing to roll over for them. Of course, how much they’re willing to invest in hiring digital forensics teams to check out whatever percentage of people that aren’t willing to roll over and settle is anyone’s guess. I’d guess there will be a few, just so they can set a precedent to point at later on.

      • Agree, though I’m not aware about any case when such forensic analysis took place. If anyone has any example, I would appreciate hearing about it. To my understanding, threats to raid victims’ hard drives is just another weapon it trolls’ arsenal of fear mongering.

        To examine victim’s electronics Trolls could obtain a court order. Recently such request by Steele’s lawyer was declined. Alternatively trolls may ask a victim to voluntarily submit their hard drives for examination. I know about one case when defendant refused to do so and the troll (Sperlein) dropped the case against him. Maybe it’s counterintuitive, but it did not surprise me: refusal to submit computers would be a huge advantage for a troll in the court, but Sperlein chose not to use it. Why? Because he never intended to move this case to actual trial. Yet another proof that all the trolls avoid actual trials at all costs.

        In addition, I personally think that the magic of forensic analysis is overstated. I was accused of downloading gay porn a year ago. If I indeed downloaded it (I did not) and moved/erased, the chances to find traces of a file deleted a year ago are slim.

        Next, cost of expertise is proportional to the number of units. If a victim is a geek and has a dozen of computers / external drives, no sane troll would pay thousands for the analysis given the probability of a positive. Too risky: there are many other uninformed folks to scare and coerce to pay, it’s cheaper.

        • MLG called my home today i wasn’t home and my wife took a message to call. The caller ID showed Dunlap and Grubb. I called back a different number that was left. I never received a notice in the mail but the person I talked with said she was following up on a settlement offer of $3500 for copyright infringement. I told the person I could not afford that and was immediately offered $2000. After I took down all the information and then searched I came across this site. I will not be paying them a dime either way and will hire a lawyer friend of mine to fight it. Also found the case files on pacer. com http://archive.recapthelaw.org/dcd/147158/ found many motions to dismiss, no doubt people are paying the trolls so they wont be stopping soon.

          • No, I don’t… I suggest asking those reliable attorneys like Rob Cashman, Stewart Keller or Nick Ranallo.

            You are right not to hire any attorney but asking around – there are lots of “piggybackers” – those who push their clients to settling since they have their cut.

            You may want also to ask here – the most active thread of my forum.

            • I spoke with Nick and he only new one high end law firm in DC and suggested i try one of the lawyers on EFF. If i do file, is your recommendation that i not do it anonymously? I went to rfcexpress and i noticed that sealed motion to quash and to dismiss filed by “actual name” were granted. I also noticed large group (ex 40 / 41) motion to quash denials and im guessing those were all anonymous ones.

              If i use my actual name, doesnt defeat the delay tactic cuz they’ll be getting my info anyways?

              • It’s up to you, but I would personally never file any motions using my own name. The likelihood of the motion to be granted, even if properly named, is still low, but the risk of being singled out is high. Trolls do vindicate, especially recently, and they don’t make any secret of it:

                James White (http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/68614633 paragraph 26):

                “A movant seeking severance self-identifies himself or herself as likely being a person worth suing individually. ”

                • Or maybe he is just saying that to discourage does to file motions because it cause them time and money to respond to each one and with their limited time before the judge figures out what they are doing and dismisses their extortion scam. Just like how some trolls are now complaining that they are getting too many people filing cut and paste motions.

      • I am an independent consultant and charge upwards of $150-$200 an hour. If you were to subpoena my hard drives and my personal computer, I would hire a lawyer. I have at least 30 HD’s and 10 PC’s in my household. Once they do not find what they are looking for, I will then sue for my time loss and attorney fees! My time estimate plus attorney fees, and suffering ~$40k

        I say bring it on Trolls!

        And would also throw in extortion! Once I get my letter!

        Lets not forget these clown have a huge lawsuit in the works:


        Don’t be afraid, fight back! Do not talk to trolls, seek legal help and retain a lawyer. Let them know that you have retained legal counsel and provide them with their contact info, have them deal with your lawyer instead. Limit your conversation to just that. Do not attempt to fact find or get additional information. Have your lawyer do that. If possible record the call, check with local laws in regards to phone recordings. Let them know they are being recorded. If you don’t have a recorder, use the one in you Iphone/smartphone (put them on speaker phone) try before to ensure quality.

        If there is no proof, and they wrongfully target you, you are entitled to damages and attorney fees!

        I know you trolls are reading this right now and yes, you should be scared! A lot of the Does that were severed/dismissed/settled will fight back, Will fight you in court, again! That was not the end of it! You will start seeing groups assembling and they will bring mass lawsuits, properly joined in the right jurisdiction.

        See you real soon!

  73. I received my extortion letter from the “troll collective” today. It came in my spouse’s name and she read it. We discussed this incident in full a few months back, but now that she sees her name on the letter she is a bit worried. After reading the majority of the suggestions and advice given by “fellow harassed and the well placed trolls” I’m still not 100% sure on what my next course of action should be. I have about a week to cave and settle ($3500 for which i don’t have). Thoughts?

    • Nick Ranallo helped me out greatly and laid out clear scenarios for me to make a decisive decision.
      He is the best I was able to find after researching and calling many different lawyers.

  74. I am so disappointed and pissed off with those people that did not fight back in the subpoena stage and feed the trolls. They did not joined in with the fighting Does and took advantage of their opportunities to stand in unity to stall the threat of lawsuit. So what if the motion is being denied, you don’t have to waste money for the lawyer. Just do it as pro se and take all the step to be anonymous. The motion process and the submission of the copy of the motion to your ISP help delay the case. Let the court and the trolls frustrate. If they sue us in court later. Can the court accomodates 200+ Does the same time? The answer, stampede! Can they show proof from your PC one by one? PC crashes all the times; there is no rule forbid you from refresh your hard drive before named lawsuit date. Even they win, appeal until they can not survive without earnings. I am glad I followed Sophisticatedjanedoe in fighting. I seen cases with fighting Does have Does got voluntary dismissed without prejudice. And I seen case with Doe got voluntary dimissed with prejudice lives on and even have new Does appended. This later case because the idiot Doe got dismiised with prejudice paid the trolls and feed the trolls’ soul.

    And now you get extortion and ransom, you bargain with them as settlement!! No American spirit at all.

    • LOL, you’re right about people not fighting back. Its human nature, you know. If this case gets thrown out of court I’m going to kick myself in the butt. I yielded to the intimidation, I had stuff at stake. I still don’t know the right way to deal with this situation, but I hope you guys are right. I hate lawyers so bad. Now I’m finally getting the joke about a hundred lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean. No offense to those (lawyers) who are fighting against this copyright lawyers. Did anyone else read that article about the court wanting to sanction DGW for extortion-like business practice? What does it mean?

  75. Wow.. I just received my second letter from Media Law Grounp. LLC. Sent Wed Oct 5th 2011 stating that I need response by Oct 26 5pm EST. I am just holding out and not helping them out. It’s ridiculous what they are doing.

    • When Oct 26 5pm Est. arrive, what are they going to do? send you another one? name you in a lawsuit and waste their resource and time in court try to prove it? How are they going to do that if you refresh your PC now or refresh it 4 months ago because the PC is slow(Hint), with someone else used your Wi-Fi or IP address. Then what if they fail, won’t that kill their scam scheme with the rest of the Does being threaten? I bet they would rather keep their scam scheme alive because there are more fish out there rather fighting an unsure battle with named Doe. Good luck.

  76. Guys, my wife got a letter via UPS from Comcast Cable, stating that Patrick Collins Inc filed a lawsuit and that we were identified by our IP address. First of all the IP address listed is similar to ours, but definitely different. Secondly, we fell behind on our bill and were blocked from internet access before the date that they have listed that this alleged offense took place, which is July 4th, 2011. I’m unsure as to how to proceed, especially after reading through all of this. I’m under the impression that hiring a lawyer and filing a motion to quash and vacate the subpoena, is pointless. since it would appear that judges just deny it. We are in Colorado and just got this letter 10-21-2011. Comcast in NJ is giving us until November 11, 2011 to file a motion to quash or vacate. Personally this is BS, my wife has a heart condition and we’ve done nothing wrong. We didn’t have internet access on the date in question and the IP address is incorrect. What can we do? Or should we just sit back and ignore it, since there is proof that we are innocent? It’s just how do we go about providing this proof if all hell breaks loose? I know how to look up our IP address and have on several occasions as well as since we received this notice. Will Comcast confirm that we were blocked and acknowledge the error in IP address’?

    • Hi KBR,

      1. dont be scared. you cant go to jail or anything like that.

      2. motion to quash does not work. especially in DC. the judges will just throw it out if done anonymously and if you show your name, your giving the trolls what they want so why throw away good money.

      3. dont settle

      4. once you receive the extortion letter, hire a lawyer. Robert Cashman or Nic Ranallo are a couple that come to mind.

      5. read the blog on the top right of this page. torrent lawyer blog. after reading the victories, it gave me alot of peace of mind. i am just like you and my deadline is 10/30. i like you was scared and confused. this place gives you a good advice and support and know that your not the only one in this. there are alot of other places you can go to and read. ive learned that the more i educated myself about this less scared i got.

      • I agree with Egg Chen advices but would like to add some to his:

        1. Don’t be scared or panic, you’ve seen day time civil courts on TV, it is similar.
        (you can keep on appealing if worst can happened and don’t even pay them)

        2. If you can do it FREE or know how to do it yourself as Pro Se, motion to quash anyway.
        Don’t worry about the judgement, leave it to the judge. It is depend on who is the judge.
        Your goal is to get a copy of your submission to send to your ISP so they hold off the
        release of your info and also hoping the judge will wake up with your motion.

        3. 3a. Don’t contact them. Stay anonymous as possible. Settle before named is stupid.

        4. Ignore the extortion letter. Settlement is for lawsuit, not for extortion without hostage.
        Hire the lawyer when you are named in the lawsuit. They will not waste time with you in
        the lawsuit which can kill their future scam with the other fishes in the sea. They can not prove it.

        5 **** If you have proof you were blocked from access to the internet, send a settlement letter to
        Comcast to pay you $3,000 now, or you will sue them for doing wrong with your info.

    • This is a honeypot scam. In all likelihood, they upload their own movie through public access somewhere and then the trolls record all the ip that connects to it with their magic software that is supposed to come from the future via flux capacitor. That is why they NEVER-EVER go after the original poster and why with millions of porn on the internet that they know exactly where their movies are posted and don’t bother to issue a take down notice through the legal system. They just let it be because it is a magic revenue stream that is why they go state to state filing the same movie suit to find an idiot judge that has no clue to what’s going on.

    • You’re getting plenty of advice – here’s my .02:
      Don’t get scared. You’re not alone. There’s 200,000+ of us out here who’ve been targeted by these scam artists.

      Get your paperwork in order, so that you’re ready to prove your innocence. If your ISP had shut you down prior to that date, fish out your billing statements so you have documentation to prove it. If the ISP is sending you the subpoena notice, then they’re a bunch of fools for not recognizing that you weren’t an active subscriber at that time. Most likely a clerical error somewhere. If that’s the case, you’ve got a solid defense. How could you possibly be downloading anything, legally or illegally, if you didn’t have internet access?

      Don’t bother trying to quash/vacate the case in DC. It will cost you buko bucks to hire a DC lawyer to file a motion, and it will just get thrown out anyhow. Don’t try to do it yourself, unless you’re an expert at the whole ‘lawyering’ thing. All it takes is one poorly chosen word to royally screw yourself if you try to do it on your own. Besides, all that you would accomplish is handing your identity to the scam artists anyhow.

      Ignore any threats or notices from the scam artist lawyers. They have big words, but not much else. Don’t talk to them. Don’t acknowledge them. Don’t answer the phone when they call. Don’t give them any indication that you so much as exist. You’re 1 John Doe amongst 200,000+. Keep your head down & don’t give them any reason whatsoever to single you out. Save every voicemail and every letter in your ‘legal bullshit file’.

      Line up a local lawyer as a ‘just in case’. Take a free consultation, but don’t pay him anything yet. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (eff.org) has a list of lawyers interested in these suits, grouped by State to make it easy to find local counsel.

      Do NOT ignore any kind of court summons. If you get a summons, then you’re on and it’s the real deal.

      Good luck, brother.

      • Good .02, but I want to elaborate on motions to quash/dismiss/vacate. I agree that filing a motion stating your name, IP address or Doe# is not advisable: trolls do go after people who fight. I still advise to file motions but strictly anonymously (look at my FAQ). Unfortunately, despite the real danger of identifying yourself, courts don’t like anonymous filers and most likely such motions will not be granted. Nevertheless, there were cases when anonymous motions were granted – when judges looked for an excuse to spank a troll.

        So the real reason of filing anonymous motions is not to get them granted, but to create a buzz:

        – Judges will read all the filed documents anyway and if a judge sees many motions he will realize that something is wrong about these shakedown cases. That happened, many judges commented on the volume of motions.

        – You create additional work for trolls, and that decreases their profit margin, making this “bonanza” less appealing. They call it “bad faith”, but I don’t see anything wrong about it: more time they waste, less time they have to inflict damage to society.

        Filing motions makes the sweet day of copyright trolling downfall a bit closer 🙂

        • Hi sophisticatedjanedoe,

          i have till friday to file a motion to quash but i dont know how. i’ve looked at examples but it really deosnt help. majority of us here are ignorant when it comes to this. can you help?

          1. is there a form that we can fill out?
          2. who do we mail it to exactly? my case was filed in of district of columbia.
          3. can this be done quickly?

          • Sorry I did not read this thread for a while….

            As for motions, I’m not such an expert these days. DTD is the Motion Keeper now. It should be mailed to the court, and the speed depends on the type of mail you use.

        • sophisticatedjanedoe,

          You forget the other most IMPORTANT real reason of filling anonymous motions. Filling a motion, whatever stupid motion/reason as long as you don’t show any indication to reveal your ID, afterward you will get to submit proof/a copy of your motion to your ISP so they DELAY the release of your info to the real thielve that is trying to rob you. Do the math (X delay of times x 100 Does)=Judge will get sick of waitig.. Folks, read the letter from your ISP. They say once they get a copy of your submission, they will hold off the release of your info until the judge has made the decision???

          Read here, http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1137791&start=200
          follow jjj751’s example or use sophisticatedjanedoe’s example(motion), use anonymous e-mail address as address for Correspondence. Walk in to court’s office of Pro se to submit and get your motion stamped, or mail in with tracking # mailing system so you can give the tracking # to your ISP as proof of your motion. No name or address on the envelope please, just John Doe #xxx, and anonymous email-address. Submit your motion to court with your case, of course. All material submitted will be scanned and list in the docket document. Troll will read them and will motion their opposition. You will see court’s activities via the anonymous e-mail from now on.

        • I love their twisted “bad faith” argument. Because the plaintiff is bundling together 3000+ independent John Does, for each one to independently attempt to defend themselves they wind up choking the courthouse with motions, thus they’re acting in “bad faith”. Never mind the fact that 3000 complete and total strangers, who have zero knowledge of one another, and who each have their own independent circumstances and possible defenses are being bundled together BY the plaintiff.
          Essentially their argument is that since they created the en-masse situation (read clusterfuck), any effort by the Does to defend is an act of bad faith. Absolute rubbish.

          My opinion on the motion to quash the DC case hasn’t changed, though. If you check the recap history on this case, the judge has been denying anything and everything submitted by a Doe. It’s a waste to hire a lawyer to do it for you, and too risky to try it yourself. Even with a prepared quash/vacate kit, if you dot the wrong ‘i’ or cross the wrong ‘t’, you’ve just given the trolls your identity, and put a bulls-eye on your back. Not worth it just to slow down or harass the harassers, IMHO. I’ll be saving my time for building an airtight defense, and my money for my already-chosen defense attorney, just in case these fools try to “make it real”.

          Also, if you check the history on this case, you’ll find that the judge has given the alpha trolls until 12/20 to name & serve defendants. Anyone care to place a wager that our good friend Ellis Leslie (leslie… bwahaha) Bennett will be voluntarily dismissing the case on 12/19? That seems to be the pattern. Trolls get their targets and run with them before they get tied down too tightly, to maybe rebundle & refile in local courts to buy more settlement time.

          • One other thing that occurred to me as odd with the whole issue of joinder on these cases:
            Why is it that for filing purposes, the trolls can join 3000+ Does into one case, but for actual damages they want money from the Does separately?
            It would seem to me that if they want to join oodles of people together, those joined defendants should be able to collectively pay a single judgment. At worst, $150,000 / 3500 = ~ $40 each. More likely $30,000 / 3500 = ~ $10 each.
            Hell, I buy my wife a $10 bottle of wine just to get her off my back about mowing the lawn.

          • It is not risky to try motion it yourself. You can cross the i and dot all the t you want or vice versa, as long as you don’t write your name, address or any info to ID you on the paper or envelope, you are safe. This is the first defense opportunity you have use it! It is better than do nothng and wait for them to get your name from the ISP. You have to send a copy of the proof of your motion to your ISP also to stop them from releasing your info. They are using technical more than legal matter to reach your pocket. You should use technical to save your butt too. Wait until a few days before the deadline to benefit the delay technic to motion. Then they have to wait again until the judge decide. Then they have to wait again after this. Technical!!

  77. hi, have anyone got a lawsuit from the troll case Imperial Enterprises, Inc. v. Does 1-3,545 1:11-cv-00529-RBW? since i got a letter in MA, but it filed in DC, will this treat as fed case or still civil case?

  78. I just received my settlement letter today. They want $3,500 by November 16th. If not that, then $4,500 by the latest of November 30th. After November 30th my name is going into the lawsuit. I plan on fighting this, so they will see no money from me. I will gladly pay more for a lawyer and battle these trolls. I plan on talking to a lawyer and seeing if I can counter sue for anything. Who knows, maybe these trolls can end up paying for my lawyer fee’s. I would love it if that is the case. I did not download this stupid “Teen Paradise 4” film. I don’t know if any of my roommates at the time did, but that is besides the point. Even if it wasn’t any of my roommates, it could have been someone who hacked my internet for all I know. There is software out there to do that. I can not help someone being clever enough to do that. This case is so weak. People, just think it through. An IP Address is not you. Don’t stress over this like I did at first. Do some research. If you are going to bother wasting $3,000+ on this settlement, get a lawyer instead! You’re already dishing out a bunch of money. At least cause these trolls the same stress that they’re causing you!

    • If all the Does that are incline to settle, instead, get together and chip in all their settlement costs into a pool to hire a lawyer to fight for them for which ever Doe to be named first, this scam would’ve end a long time ago. People format their drive and reload their pc all the time. It they did it before the summon date, it is not illegal. How can they prove it? They will have to dismiss after the Doe challenge them back in court.

  79. So, I finally got my letter they want to settle for $4,500 as full settlement and I have until November 16 then it goes up to $5,500. I have been unemployed for 18 months and I am MORMON and didn’t download lesbian porn. I like men better. Also they are telling me that it was downloaded and put into a shared folder to share with others. First of all I do know how torrents work and they couldn’t have gotten my ip address unless they had already released the file TO share. and everytime i trace the ip address they say is mine, it goes to the same home about 20 miles from me. Not gonna settle. they can’t prove i ever had the file and i am not afraid.

    • lol in the letter it states:
      please consider this letter to constitute formal notice that until and unless we are able to settle our clients claim with you we DEMAND you not delete any media files from your computer. if in the course of litigation it is established that you did delete media files after being on notice of our clients claims our client will add a spoliation of evidence claim against you. be advised that if we were to prevail on this additional claim our client will be seeking an award of monetary sanction evidentiary sanctions and/or reasonable attorney’s fees.

      wow, some pretty scary words and coincidentally i got the letter in the mail today, Halloween…

  80. So, I actually have a motion to quash ready to go. I called the ISP regarding my lack of internet connectivity on the date of July 4th, 2011, when this allegedly illegal download took place,and they are telling me that they blocked it from July 28, 2011, which is BS. In any case, we’re nervous, but really don’t care anymore if we’re named in a suit or not. We have no money for these trolls and we have no money for lawyers. We’re in Colorado and EFF.ORG lists 3 lawyers. I’ve contacted each of them and one wants $200 an hour, the other wants a flat fee of $1000 and the other wants $1500. Each of these lawyers mentioned settling out of court, so guess what, they’ll gladly take your money and represent you so that you can eventually settle out of court anyway which tells me they’re in on the whole scam too. I’ve seen documentation from Michael J. Wantanabe, the judge handling the Patrick Collins, Inc. case we are named on. In this documentation, Comcast can charge a fee for each name and information they release. So guess what folks, the ISP is making money on this too. It would appear that once the scam is off and running, everybody involved hops aboard the money train. EFF.ORG, is a joke & the lawyers mentioned are too, the ISP’s are assholes just looking to make more money, even if it is just $35-$60 per name and info. released, money is money to these people and in todays economy nobody cares who gets screwed as long as they see $$$$. Well here’s a newsflash people…They can’t squeeze blood from a stone! Oh and Mr. Kotzke, you asshole, smut defending, piece of worm ridden filth, if you are reading this, I’ll be seeing you personally with a special delivery for you!

    • Most of those lawyers listed on the EFF.org are opportunists. They are not fighting along with the EFF. They mostly recommend settlement for a fee. Settlement keeps these scam alive, which feed them and the trolls. I wonder, maybe they are getting commission for settlement too?

      I seen so many Comcast’s clients get settlement letters. Why don’t you guys dump it? I will not sign up with Comcast after learning this even they are offering a better price.

      Before, there were the letters of money scam from Nigeria, and now the scam of the trolls. If I have the power, I would send those trolls excile to Nigeria where they belong.

      • Agreed, I called them as well and they want too much just to spend 10 minutes over the phone to settle for you. CALL NICK RANALLO!

  81. Okay I got my first payment notice in the mail today from MLG, who again were not the law firm named in the subpoena. Here’s the letter.

    “Dear xxxx:

    Our law firm has filed a Federal copyright infringement lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on behalf of our client, Imperial Enterprises, Inc. The Suit was filed against Doe Defendants. We Subsequently obtained identifying contact information for many of these Defendants from their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Your contact information was supplied to us by your ISP as one of the individuals who has illegally obtained or shared our client’s copyrighted motion picture through a peer to peer network [gnutello, BitTorrent etc.]. We are sending you this letter as a courtesy before we take more formal legal action, which could include our adding you as a named Defendant to this lawsuit or a lawsuit in your home jurisdiction.

    According to our records, you have placed a media file that contains the copyright-protected film content for our client’s motion picture entitled Tokyo Cougar Creampies in a shared folder location enabling others to download copies of this content. In addition we have evidence of the P2P client software and file hash factor (a mathematical function through which a file can be identified with certainty), the file name of the movie, the file size and GUID, all corresponding to an IP address that was assigned to your IPS account at the time the infringing activity occurred.

    Copy right infringement (In this case obtaining a film without paying for it or sharing a film with others who have not paid for it) is a very serious problem for the entertainment industry. The law provides protection for copyright owners through Federal copyright statute found at 17 U.S.C. 501-506, which allows a copyright owner to impound infringing material, recover attorneys’ fees, and seek damages of $750 – $150,000 per work, depending on the circumstances surrounding the infringement.

    Given this compelling information establishing that you have infringed on our client’s copyright, we have nevertheless prepared an offer to enable our client, the copyright holder, to recoup the damages incurred and defray the costs of preventing this type of activity in the future.

    In exchange for our client’s giving you a release of legal claims that will eliminate our need to name you as a Defendant in a lawsuit, our firm is authorized to accept a sum of $3,500 as full settlement for these claims. This offer will expire at 5pm EST on November 18th, 2011. Thereafter, our client will accept no less than a sum of $4,500 to settle this matter, but this increased offer settlement offer will expire on December 2, 2011. However as a further condition of this release, you must remove the file from the shared folder or location where our client’s film can be shared or copied within three (3) days of paying a settlement. If you have chosen not to settle by December 2, 2011, we may formally add you to the list of Defendants to be named to a lawsuit.”

    It goes on to say how much we need to payout if we don’t settle. My current IPS number is not the one they have on file, I don’t if the change randomly or what. What I do know is that no one in this household downloaded the said film, and that we can’t afford what seems to be extortion. I’m looking for any help I can get.

    • thanks for sharing the letter. i recommend that you get in contact with either nicholas ranallo or cashman (texas). i spoke to nic myself and he gave me free advice and options. just know that these guys dont work free but what you’ll pay them is far less than what the trolls are asking.

  82. I got my letter today, and it is the same as stated above in the previous post. Any ideas if any of these cases, have ever made it to the court room for a verdict. I saw that the one against West Coast production was dismissed all together.
    Just hunting ideas on what to do???????

    • what i’ve learned is that these guys dont want it to go to court because they know that they’ll lose. what these guys are looking for is a easy, quick paycheck. they’ll just send the letters out and scare people into paying. there are plenty of articles saying as much. dont pay!

  83. Has anyone recieved more than one ISP subpoena? I received two this week one for Does 1-1474 and this one Does 1-3,545. It seems like settling is out of the question since who knows how many more will come. Anyone advice on what to do now? Seems like everyone is saying not to settle. Has anyone actually got a letter saying they are being taking to court? I have been reading around and keep hearing if you have a good defense to fight it. What or how do we even start to defend this in court? How do you defend something you didn’t even know happen 10-11 months ago.

    • I have not been involved in multiple cases, though this is one of the main fears that keeps me from settling. I know that I’m innocent, but I don’t know how I got caught up in the trolls’ dragnet. I don’t know what my exposure is. If somebody was hijacking my Wi-fi, then there may be 3 or 4 more of these things coming my way. If somebody out of Korea was spoofing my IP address to share files, there could be another 3 or 4 dozen. A trollawyer who sees you as somebody who is willing to pay will most likely aim for you the next time around.

      If you’re innocent, your defense is going to be your computer hardware. A computer forensics team should be able to determine if the media in question has *ever* been on your hard drive. If you delete the file, format the drive, whatever … there will still be some trace of the file there to be found. That’s the nature of magnetic storage – deleted files aren’t really removed from the media, just forgotten about by the OS. If the file’s simply not there, you’re golden and that is what you will use to will defend yourself. It may be worthwhile to buy another hard drive for regular day-to-day use, so that you can set that one aside in storage to preserve it as well as you possibly can.

      If you’re guilty … well … I don’t envy your position. You can either cross your fingers and hope the trollawyers pass on by, or you can try to settle out of it. Either way, you should consult with a lawyer, because you’ve got headaches coming from multiple angles.

      In any case, protect your Anonymity as long as you possibly can. Don’t give out any information that the trollawyers will have to otherwise work for. If that is your real name, I’d consider deleting this comment, or editing it to tweak the details about your name or number of defendants. Trollawyers DO scan through these sites, and it wouldn’t take much for an ambitious one to take the information you’ve given and use it to try to triangulate who you are. Right now, you are John Doe #xxxx out of 300,000+ John Does implicated in the last year; a generic face in a crowd isn’t a bad place to be. If you freely hand over personal information, and the fact that you’re implicated in multiple cases – you’re effectively tossing chum in your shark-infested swimming hole.

  84. So after reading an reading so far my best action is to do nothing unless I get papers from the court demanding my apperance

  85. Where does this case stand ? On september 26 this motion was filed for extension but given deadline of December 20,2011 to serve all

    MINUTE ORDER granting 19 Motion for Extension of Time to Name and Serve Defendants. The Court having considered the plaintiff’s motion for an extension of time to name and serve defendants, and it appearing to the Court that there is good cause to grant the relief requested therein based upon the number of putative defendants in this case, it is ORDERED that the motion is GRANTED. It is further ORDERED that the plaintiff shall name and serve the defendants in this action by December 20, 2011. Signed by Judge Reggie B. Walton on 9-26-11 (lcrbw3). (Entered: 09/26/2011)

  86. Case is over apparently. lol

    • Without Prejudice, which means they can refile in the future sadly. I wonder what the odds are of them doing just that now that they have all of the information that they wanted.

  87. Thanks for the Great information on this case #1:11-cv-00529-RBW. I have been wondering if it would be dismissed. Everyone here is very helpful in helping out the common people.

    • I don’t know if there is any clear response to this. I considered settling too because of the stigma attached to being accused of downloading porn. But I really don’t know what happened whether my router was hacked or what. I have the weakest security WEP which was set up by the technician and I don’t know how to upgrade it. I am turning the router off now more often when it’s not in use. And I read on the web they are apparently several cases being filed now for different porn films by these troll lawyers. So you could also be accused of downloading those films and that’s another case where they can do the exact same thing getting another judge like Walton or maybe Walton again. I think if you pay them once, your name will go on the top of the list for their next extortion attempt. They are not calling you at least. For $2000 I hope you are left alone now, and for that maybe it was worth it. Good luck.

    • Nope. Case dismissed. Nobody named & served – as of yet. Doubt that anybody actually will be. DGW and Imperial doesn’t want the scrutiny on this dangerously flawed case.
      And yeah, the scare letter is the same ol’ basic mass-produced form letter from some stupid company name that Ken Ford pulled out of his ass. Minimum investment, maximum return.

    • Just counted the # of dismissals in the list above (presumably, the poor devils that coughed up the dough). There’s about 52, now the price tag was $3500 and you could bargain for $2000, so DGW and cronies made anywhere between $104,000 and $182,000. Less that 2% of the targeted individuals were relieved of their money. I don’t know if that s good or bad, but it does sound like they failed to get to all of us. A 10 month long witch hunt and a $100,000 reward.

      • Just got a call from them, so dismissed does not mean its over. Supposed to call back. Asked did I get their letter since I did not respond blah blah. Anyone else? Worried. Should I be?

        • The Scam is still on. Don’t respond if possible. If you read these posts and some of the links posted, you’ll see that there are two agencies working for the same paymaster, but not communicating with each other. DGW is the bigger agency which Ellis Bennet works for. The case has been dismissed without prejudice, whatever that means. They have no reason with which to intimidate you. Look at that letter, check out the DGW website – you have to enter that ‘defendant’ number they give you to look at your info page, it will cite a case number – just google it. The dockets say the case is closed. Subsequent motions against the DGW firm’s action were thrown out as moot. It tells me legally the case is indeed dead.

  88. I have not responded to them at all, since it seems more expensive to hire a lawyer than just settle – guilty or innocent. As i understand it they can still file in your home state for up to 3 yrs after the alleged infringement? How do you know if you’ve been served? What do they need to do to serve you? If you are served how much time do you have to respond to get a lawyer?

    • The case DGW attempts to build does not have strong grounds at all – as a matter of fact, it was withdrawn. The whole activity was a scam. They conned upto 50 people into paying up. That was their obj from the get go.

      • It was dismissed “without prejudice,” on motion by the troll lawyer. But before that, the judge gave them ALL the names they asked for and rejected ALL the motions by the plaintiffs without even reading them. The cable companies did not even send a lawyer to protect the privacy rights of their customers. They just turned over the names and contact information of ALL their customers. Dismissed Without prejudice means the troll can now contact another local attorney in the jurisdiction where you live and file in a local federal against you and others in your area accused of downloading They have 3 years from the date of the download to file. So the dismissal was not a victory for us.

        • Judge Walton is the scum of the earth. I can see the point if DGW has a rock solid case against me, and then they have a justified hunt for me on. But Walton (may he piss blood till the day he drops dead), signed a warrant that let DGW mine all the data about users from ISPs. It was a blatant abuse of power. No doubt Walton was “compensated”. It was not a victory at all, the f@ucking DGW lawyers just phished for susceptible scared ‘offenders’, since no one wants their name associated with a legal case about a porn film.

          • That’s about right but Judge Walton said that the ones who should respond were the Internet Service Providers and not the ISP customer/victims. Verizon, Comcast and the rest of em did nothing to oppose the subpoena, so the DGW lawyers had no opposition whatsoever. Does anyone know why the ISP’s just abandoned thousands of their customers to the porn lawyers?

            • Good question. This isn’t the first instance of Copyright Infringement I’ve ‘come across’. In the past Cox has always politely emailed me about the infringement and I took care of it, never to hear from Cox about the matter again. This time around I never got a heads up from Cox. just the extortion letter from DGW. Cox is not served a subpoena all the time, so when one is served, they scramble and do not look twice at it. Don’t know if I can blame them, they want to stay out of trouble I’m sure. But DGW wanted a witchhunt only on the basis of a dynamic IP address and what it claimed was an incriminating hash info. Idiot Walton probably went ‘ooooh, a hash info, I don’t get it, so it must be solid evidence!’. Then he passed the court order. Trouble is, its set a precedent… Anyway. Be wary of any communication from DGW.

              • I was completely blind sided by the letter, I thought it was a complete fraud at first, like the Nigerian scam letter but this came in the US Mail. I did a Google search. I thought after reading on the internet I would be hit with several of these false claims, since apparently thousands of people are being targeted in several suits across the USA. But this is the only one that has effected me so far. How did you “take care of it” earlier when Cox sent you an e-mail. Nothing like this ever happened to me before, so how did you take care of it.

                • I paid up.
                  $2000, bargained from $3500 to the said amount and I feel sick about it, now that the case was dropped by the f@ucking DGW firm. they targetted 3500 people in the beginning, and milked only 53….. take whatever message from that you want. But I’ll say, 3400+ people did not feed this troll/pay up/totally ignored DGW. And believe me, people like you and me are not used to such BS… we are supposed to get shocked and intimidated by extortion letters like this. Worked on me, it was a good 4 – 6 weeks till I realized they weren’t quite doing anything about the transaction. They were just phishing. I don’t have a receipt or nothing.

                  So when I had only notifications from Cox, I took the offending file and scrubbed it clean – Spybot’s file shredder. Made sure I didn’t have copies. Even deleted the torrent cllient for a few days. Remember the legit companies don’t want you spreading the torrent….. they’re not really interested in making a buck off of you. google your case #. If you’re in the right blog here, the case is closed… take care of the offending file(s) and sit tight.

                  • $2000. Wow. The low end on my letter was ( I think) 700 dollars and up to to $300,000 for willfull infringement. The file was not on my hard drive and I never downloaded it but I googled the suit name and found the filing in DC. So I was considering settling for $700, because I was scared of this shit. Had they offered that in the letter with a release I might have even mailed in a check just to get rid of it. But they just asked way too much.

                    I thought it had happened to you before this and Cox prevented your name to be release to the troll. If you paid by credit card I guess that would be your receipt? As you know, they can always claim another film you downloaded based on the same crap technology. Did they even send you a letter that you would not be named and there would be nor further claims based on that one particular alleged incident? So if all that settled gave them $2000, they made over $100,000 minus expenses on this one infringement claim . And basically all they did was some paperwork. So I guess they will be harassing again on some other alleged download. Did you settle yourself or contact a lawyer? For $2,000 I really hope that they will at least leave you alone, but i was hearing they could also get attorney fees later if you admitted guilt. Do you know anything about that?

                    My feeling is you might have done the correct thing, if that’s the end of it for you. I think what is happening now is they are going through the addresses of the people who did not settle, seeing who they think has some dough, like maybe own a house or condo, and will file in a court that has jurisdiction where they live with local troll lawyer.

    • No Jane and in fact we’ve had a conversation before. Scroll through these posts. I did indeed pay up because I was afraid of the lawsuit (if it materialized) screwing up my career, given my particular position. So, no , I’m not a bullshitter, I got shat on by motherplucking DGW. I lost $2000 and 2 months later, the case was dropped, now I’m leaving my 2 cents here and you think I’m a troll working for that ass farmer Bennet. Not cool. I don’t know R C, he thinks I did the “right thing” and you think this is all staged, da fuq. R C, you’re on your own buddy. The settlement is originally for $3500, they drop it to $2000 for just asking for a drop, you know they’re phishing and are trying to get whatever they can. The instructions at the top, in the blog are correct – don’t feed the trolls, don’t respond to the law firms, don’t do anything. Unless you’re scared shitless like me and then you lose money. Jane I thought you had more sense than this. You know when I saw your posts pushing this lawyer of yours, it rang a bell in my head. How do I know you’re not a copyright troll yourself? Whats the lawyer going to do? suggest a motion – have it squashed, ultimately have you settle – this time you end up paying for the lawyer as well? Sorry for this nasty bit, but right now, I feel like a girl who was raped and then told I was asking for it and then told I basically work for the rapist. Great. You know what, I don’t really care anymore.

  89. Hmm.. what was the point of this possibly staged conversation?? I guess my IQ is lower later at night lol.. I guess after months and months of reading so many things about these cases that the line between FUD and the truth starts to blur.

  90. the case received over 1,350 motions, of which a few made it into the docket. The only information from the ISP’s to DGW, were from the does who did not file a motion and those who filed and were denied.

    Remember that DGW filed in Kenneth Ford’s behalf, whom we now know has been accused of felony.

    SJD is right, this is all staged BS!

    Do not feed the trolls, if you did, you will be indirectly paying for Kenneth Ford’s legal defense and sanctions imposed. To dated, $10K + $22K in legal fees. Don’t piss you hard spent money away!

    • Where in my posts do you actually see me asking R C to pay up? On what grounds do you prophecize my exchange with R C to be staged BS? Where do you see me extolling my undying love for the pus bags of DGW? After all the stress I went through, I have to deal with you punks accusing me of being a troll? What is this, phucking youtube? I have told exactly what happened to me and my actions in response to this lawsuit bullshit. If DGW is attempting to generate a bias for itself through me, why the phuck would they close their case? I understand they can re-file for a brand new case at anytime, but if they ask for money now, it would be straight up extortion, even scumbag walton won’t be able to save their collective ass. let me say it again to let you know of my position: Don’t phucking respond to the emails/letters about the infringement. Don’t contact them and don’t phucking pay them, because I really think they don’t have the resources or evidence to go after any one person. There, satisfied? Next time just use a lot of common sense and trusted websites to download porn.

      • Well, I did my research and don’t think that you a troll’s agent (as a matter of fact I never thought / implied that), so I’m going to apologize for that – just to be on the safe side: I believe in Blackstone’s formulation and will gladly let 10 guilty walk free rather than one innocent suffer.

        Saying that, my intuition is still on alert. Something is very fishy about that dialog (and all your comments in general: you mentioned $2000 too many times – in 5 comments only in this thread – just stop it already). In any case when I see that “settling” was the right choice, I’m getting furious.

    • Let me tell you something you already know. You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for being called out for downloading teen paradise 4 or tokyo cougar creampies. Are ALL of you really pretending we are really clean and had nothing to do with it? Sure, a couple here probably got called out by an ISP’s mistake, but the rest, we’re here to find more info on this case because we phucked up and we want out. I am not implying that any porn was downloaded – I am saying that most of us definitely downloaded the above mentioned flicks. Now anyone countering this is in 100% denial. Go ahead, argue your heads off. Just because you “feel” this is bullshit you and jane have thrown a handful of quality manure into a fan facing this direction. Jane, it is common sense to be on alert anyway, you can’t trust anyone really and you can’t believe whatever some anonymous people tell you obviously. I lost my money and I think its a big deal, is it a surprise I keep lamenting about it? You can think my comments are fishy all you want, you’ve already formed a bias against me. I thought lawyers were the scum of the earth who made lives miserable, but I think we’re doing just fine without them intervening right now. Now that you’ve thrown one of your own under the bus, good luck having a trustworthy discussion.

      • you talk like a troll, think like a troll and you reason like a troll….then you must be a troll….or really dumb!

        People are here form many different reasons. I in fact have nothing to do with this lawsuit. I just had the same feeling Jane had.

        This lawsuit is over! Stop with the Fud! Check out what happened to Ken Ford!and what is about to happen to his buddies over at DGW!

  91. Well I have not paid anything to the trolls. I believe my information is correct that the trolls can continue to harass you even after this case was dismissed without prejudice. They got 3 yrs to file. I’ve already gotten one phone call since the case was dismissed, but did not answer it. I don’t think us victims have won any victory over the trolls yet just because the case was dismissed “without prejudice.” In fact the judge was so friendly with the troll lawyer he had already agreed to extend the time to name defendants and gave him all the information he asked for and refused to consider any motions to quash and protect our privacy. It was the troll lawyer himself who decided to ask for a dismissal. If any of you hired a lawyer at this point they were entirely unsuccessful in keeping your personal info away from the troll. You really think, the troll lawyer is gonna stop milking this cash cow now that some have already paid him?

  92. Troll
    1. (in Scandinavian folklore) any of a race of supernatural being (copyright attorney),
    sometimes conceived as giants and sometimes as dwarfs, inhabiting caves or subterranean
    dwellings (law offices).
    2. Slang . a person who lives or sleeps in a park or under a viaduct or bridge (law office).

    to fish for or in with a moving line, working the line up or down with a rod, as in fishing
    for pike (victims), or trailing the line behind a slow-moving boat (the internet).

    Example Troll:

    Any Questions?

  93. Wow. This case can stay open for three years? That’s ridiculous. Well, I took no action. I kept everything I could find on the case filed away just in case,and I still have a bunch of information on my flash drive. I guess I will be holding on to all of this for a few more years, aha.
    Also, I have received nothing in the mail, nor any phone calls, since this case was dismissed.

    • I filed a motion to quash. Lawyer wrote all the letters to proper courts, comcast and scaming lawyers. I did all the copying of his motion, addressing the envelopes and going to postoffice and did all returned-recived stuff. He charged $300 and I have not heard since year and half or more. I was in the hospital having eye surgery.

  94. I think its bullshit that they even have 3 years to file a suit. If they had any evidence they could file it within 6 months.

    • The law allows them 3 yrs from the date of the alleged copyright infringement, they can file sooner. They already filed in DC got everyone’s contact information from the black judge’s order. he ordered the ISPs to turn over the contact info. He then dismissed the case “without prejudice” at the troll’s request which means they can file again where you live at a later date as long as it’s within 3 yrs of the date of infringment.

  95. Анонс нового номера! Еженедельник «Футбол» №46 (2838). В продаже с 13 по 20 ноября.

    • Личное мнение: коментатор Алексей Андронов – о матче России против Австрии.

    • Популярность и рейтинги: Николай Живоглядов и Алена Рябова – о шести новых футболистах для сборной России.

    • Интервью: защитника «Динамо» Александер Бюттнер в интервью Ярославу Кулемину рассказал, почему решил поменяться майками с игроком «Торпедо», за что ему доставалось от Алекса Фергюсона и о тонкостях работы с Дэвидом Мойесом.

    • Личное мнение: комментатор Илья Казаков – о том, что ждет ЦСКА в Лиге чемпионов дальше.

    • Тема: Вячеслав Опахин отправился отправился в Петербург, чтобы понять, как работает Радио Зенит и как ему удается звучать вот уже семь лет.

    • Репортаж: Александр Горюнов полетел в Мадрид вместе с «Ливерпулем» и рассказал, как выглядит настоящий выезд английских фанатов.

    • Глубокие исследования: Глеб Чернявский – о том, почему Дмитрию Аленичеву еще рано тренировать «Спартак».

    • Постеры: Василий Березуцкий (ЦСКА), «Ювентус».

    Специальное аналитическо-статистическое приложение «90 минут»:

    • Тема: Александр Головин – о значимости предстоящего матча сборных России и Австрии.

    • Рейтинг: Николай Живоглядов рассказывает о личностях, чьи лица олицетворяли собой первый круг ФНЛ.

    • Статистика РФПЛ, Лиги Европы.

    • Все что вы хотели знать о ПФЛ – в фактах, цифрах и таблицах.

    • Английская Премьер-лига: Ярослав Кулемин рассказывает о судьбе Нила Уорнока и объясняет, почему для него так важно сохранить «Кристал Пэлас» в Премьер-лиге

    • Немецкая Бундеслига: Александр Полунин – о том, как лихорадит «Штутгарт».

    • Итальянская Серия А: Александр Плеханов – о планах и задачах Антонио Ди Натале, который остался в футболе, чтобы побить рекорд Роберто Баджо.

    • Испанская Ла Лига: Глеб Чернявский – о том, как Луис Суарес привыкает к «Барселоне».

    • Французская Лига 1: Роман Абрамов рассказывает историю Клода Макелеле, которому не дали поработать в «Бастии».

    • Анонсы: превью к самым интересным футбольным событиям ближайшей недели от Александра Головина.

    Что думаете по этому поводу ребята?

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