11 comments on “West Coast Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-5,829 Status Report Submited By Copyright Troll Ellis L. Bennett. List of ISP’s that screw its customers released.

  1. ClearWire You Rock!

    Screw Comcast in bellybutton with cheese-grater (metaphorically speaking)

    Is ClearWire National? Because last time I checked the only highspeed in my boonies was unfortunately Comcast.

  2. hey admin, can u give me news about
    Imperial complaint
    Case 1:11-cv-00529-RBW
    filed 03/10/11
    thank you,
    should i ignore this?

    • Ah that is an old case we overlooked. Of course we can. Just looked it up. It is over the two adult films Teen paradise 4 and Tokyo Cougar Creampies and also involves Ellis Bennett. This is the original submitted document and this is the document that allowed him to send out ISP letters asking for identification of IP’s. You should not be worried yet because it seems he is mostly busy in this case stated in this topic. We shall see how this one turns out. He is only one human and can only work on so many cases at a time. We would only be worried if you lived in west Virginia. A lot of these cases have been failing. Also they only want quick easy settlements and do not want to take anyone to court yet as that would take them years to do. So for now do not be too worried unless you live in that state the case is in. We will post a topic on this case so people can more easily find some help.

      • thank u very much for u r answer, i live in reston . i have time till june 13 for motion to quash or vacant the subponea.otherwise comcast will release my info.Today is June 3.

  3. Rats… no clearwire in my boonies (just farmland boonies, not other kind lol) , just checked. Plus saw some not great things on them for customer service and speed and that they might not have enough cash after this year to keep going….ARG. How can they be cool enough to say “yeah right” to DGW but give bad service to customers? Strange… Hope they make it work, am rooting for them to improve the bad and expand.

  4. hey can you look at my case too. kind of getting worried here too…

    case: 3:11-cv-01738-MEJ
    filed: 04/08/11

    should i stay worried. i live in northern california

    • We will look it up give us a few. We really thought we got most of the cases but I guess we missed a few even now. Sorry about that. Check the front page for it if we do not edit this comment to have a link.

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