5 comments on “Bill Maher is Awesome!

  1. I personally really enjoyed his recent film Religulous.
    Never caught the show. What network is it on?

    If ya like him you’ll probably like Penn and Tellers B.S. on showtime series as well btw.

      • Penn and Teller B.S. go around exposing scams with utter logic and science. May ruin a hippie world view for ya and crush your own personal superstitions. Loved it doing that for me. All the things that ya just went “Yeah, don’t buy it, but I’m too lazy to quite find out know why” are suddenly explained.

        Mental note for me to check out Bill’s show, check. Been meaning to anyway.

      • I saw Penn & Teller’s show at the Rio in Vegas last year. These dudes are so cool. They even stick around in the lobby after the show for a handshake, photo and autograph.

        • I’m very jealous EnjoyTheRide! Only time I was in Vegas I was still a minor with nothing to do but Arcades. Which still was a blast, but never got to see any shows. 😦
          Gotta be a great memory to have for ya. 🙂
          Only famous person I’ve ever met is a local perv legend called “Slippery Bob”. LOL

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