9 comments on “Quick Post: Ip Does Not Equal A Person Old Court Document Where John Steele Gets Put In His Place

  1. I wonder if we could use this to help our current ongoing case, Does vs. 1-5829. I’m sitting still, hoping smart people like this judge can help make sense of the madness.

  2. received my first threat letter today…they want $3,400 and they mention the music piracy that happened years ago, luckily they include a FAQ at the end of the letter to make me feel better. lol. they did fail to mention the IP does not equal a person thing though.

  3. I’m expecting that coming my way any day now. I’m having episodic breakdown just thinking about it. How do you intend to handle such threat?

    • I ignored it, he cannot possibly win any of these cases. He doesn’t even want them to go trial, he would lose his livelihood.

  4. im ignoring it as well…it stresses me out but at the end of the day i want to make them work for any cent they take from me and i plan to fight it. also, what is to stop them from suing me for some other random reason

  5. im with you guys in the same boat, its making me very upset and stressed as well. Only a couple more days till we know what really is going to happen

  6. Please email to me a copy of the May 16, 2011 settlement letter posted on your website. I have a lawsuit against John Steele and I would like to use this. But I cannot get the letter to copy or print beyond p. 1. Thank you.

    • We hope you check here for a response. There is now a word document version on that page for ease of printing for lawyers such as yourself or those who wish to use it to further justice against idiots. Check the page or use this link. We do not email people.

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