7 comments on “Starcraft 2 Lan Operational, +1 For Justice, More Copyright Troll Cases Appear -1 For Justice, Few More Does Dismissed +1 For Justice.

  1. All of the recent filing for the newer cases appear to have smaller number of “Does” listed. What is the change from earlier cases. Are they trying to groups “Does” from the same States?

    • Since joinder theories are being debunked by judges slowly, trolls prefer not to enrage judges with cases based on joinders that most likely will be dismissed. So, we don’t witness many new cases with people from different jurisdictions lumped together, because there are many rulings against such joinders. Also, lumping together 5000 IPs will inevitably draw media attention, and trolls naturally afraid of light (i.e. publicity). Third reason is that defendants would feel much more pressure to settle since trolls try to create an impression that a small group is closer to an individual: it is more difficult to believe that one will be actually brought to court if there are 5000 defendants on his case.

  2. Whats going on with the West Coast Productions lawsuit? Its been 12 days since the deadline and nothings happend

  3. Ok my last post should of been on here but I guess you decided to delete it….ORDER. This action is DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE with respect to the John Doe Defendants identified in the Appendix attached to this Order. By July 15, 2011, Plaintiff shall file a Status Report that indicates: (a) which of the John Doe Defendants have been dismissed; (b) which of the John Doe Defendants have been identified as of July 1, 2011; (c) which John Doe Defendants remain the subjects of pending subpoenas; and (d) which John Doe Defendants cannot be named due to lack of available information from an ISP. By July 29, 2011, Plaintiff shall cause process to be served on all John Doe Defendants who have been identified by Plaintiff as of July 1, 2011 or who cannot be named due to lack of available information from an ISP, or risk mandatory dismissal with respect to those defendants pursuant to Rule 4(m). Plaintiff shall file proof of service as to these defendants by no later than August 3, 2011. Plaintiff’s 129 Motion for Extension of Time to Name and Serve Defendants is GRANTED. The deadline to serve all other defendants shall be extended to August 15, 2011. Signed by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly on July 11, 2011. (lcckk1) (Entered: 07/11/2011)

    • It kind of did not make sense so we did not want to publish it like it was. Sorry about that. From now on if a persons first comment is approved you will not have to wait anymore.

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