8 comments on “Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly gives Copyright Troll an extra month to name and server Does in West Coast Productions V Does 1 – 5829 , More Does dropped from the case as well in the same order!

  1. Thanks for the posting. On a recent post over at Fight Copyright Trolls, the poster had an interesting idea on the joining of these IP addresses.


    Since the Trolls have made such a big deal of joining these IP addresses to save money on the initial filing (Fishing for subscriber information from ISPs), shouldn’t any case they try to actually bring to court be a joint one for each specific file in question????? Using the Troll’s own words (and the court documents they filed), this activity was done via a torrent swarm and ALL the IP addresses are joined together because of it. Or will Judges like Colleen Kollar-Kotelly just let them change their mind and say that the alleged illegal activity was actually done singularly????
    I think it may also be interesting to see how all these people who have settled are affected by any future ruling on any “jointly and severally liable” aspects of these cases. I understand those that have settled have been removed from the initial case, but based on the Trolls statements that all the IP addresses are joined, I would argue that they are still joined to the unsettled IP addresses until ALL the IP addresses/personnel/cases are resolved. As the personnel who settled have paid out to the Trolls, I would also argue the total money they collected should be used to calculate the Statutory Damages they are after.

    I don’t think it will ever get that far, as the Trolls seem to be collecting a good amount of money from those people too afraid to fight – Sad.

  2. Are these dismissals from people who settled? Obviously, Comcast has no qualm about handling over its customer’s information.

    I kept looking for my IP on the dismissal list even though I know I could never be there because I refuse to cave them.

  3. Anon could you post the recent update about the status report and the notice that was updated on RFC EXPRESS

  4. Hey guys I received my subpoena letter from Qwest today. I had no idea what to make of it. I’m going to contact sender from ISP to find out thier postion on this. I’ll report back.

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