20 comments on “Ellis L. Bennett Submits Third Copyright Troll Status Report & Comcast Hands Over Most Names Connected To IP’s

  1. my loathing for comcast has me considering whether them being the only internet in my area is even worth having internet. Unfortunately I’m not the only person in home who needs it.

  2. Well so far it seems Cox hasn’t handed over any information. I’m on the still pending list. I’m really hoping they don’t release my info and that the judge doesn’t grant another extension after August. Thank you very much for keeping us updated on this case.

  3. What are the chance that court would throw out this case? Thanks to Comcast, majority of 5829 IPs are identified, will and can they lump all individuals and sue?


    • The judge seems like a tool so not very likely but one can hope. That is a matter of opinion. It should of been thrown out a long long time ago if the judge was smart at all.

  4. I just got the letter on the 31st of july about getting information from my ISP i have verizon. I have no idea what to do. Any advice i have never ever been through something like this

  5. Settlement letter received.. I do not want to pay but I don’t think I have any options. I will be damned if I have to go to court for something I watched 15 seconds of. I buy everything I bootleg and like/watch in completion, which is why this really pisses me off. <.<

  6. Thanks for the updates………I just saw posted:

    7/28/2011 148 NOTICE of Dismissal Without Prejudice of Certain Doe Defendants by WEST COAST PRODUCTIONS, INC. (Bennett, Ellis) (Entered: 07/28/2011)

    It is the dismissal of a huge number of Does. I am happy to see my Crapcast ip is included. But today I got a demand letter from the trolls dated 8/1/11. Any idea on whats going on?

  7. First, thanks for the updates. I just saw…

    7/28/2011 148 NOTICE of Dismissal Without Prejudice of Certain Doe Defendants by WEST COAST PRODUCTIONS, INC. (Bennett, Ellis) (Entered: 07/28/2011)

    There is a huge amount of dismissals listed. I am also happy to see my Crapcast IP listed! But…I received the demand letter today dated 8/1/11. Any ideas on whats going on??

    • Some lawyers like to send those letters anyway hoping you are stupid enough to pay by not checking if your dismissed from the lawsuit. They also send them and then they get the word that the people are dismissed from the case and cannot stop a letter from being sent while in transit. But they send a lot of letters in hope of scaring you more that is what it really is, a scare tactic for easy $$$ off idiots. In most cases judges tell them they have to send new letters stating your dropped from the case as we have seen in other cases.

      • I just received a second demand letter, posted recently, my IP is listed in the dismissal. What’s going on? Anyone receive a second one? How can I stop the harassment?

  8. Hundreds just dismissed!!!

    7/28/2011 148 NOTICE of Dismissal Without Prejudice of Certain Doe Defendants by WEST COAST PRODUCTIONS, INC. (Bennett, Ellis) (Entered: 07/28/2011)

  9. How long does it usually take to get a settlement letter? it seems like most cases are with comcast, i am with verizon any advantage?

  10. This dismissal may not be a good thing for us. My IP was in the 7/28 order, but it was voluntary and without prejudice. Without prejudice means that res judicata does not apply, and they can bring the same action again. This dismissal could very well mean that these trolls found an attorney in our respective states to handle this crap. It may be over, or you might be served in your local jurisdiction. I also received a settlement letter . . . wiped my ass with it.

    • The chances that these idiots are going to go after thousands of individuals across the nation is laughable. If you havent figured it out, all they want is easy settlement cash for the cost of a subpoena and the paper and stamps to mail out their threats. Its all bull shit.

  11. Just got my settlement letter. 3500 this week. 5000 next week.
    Threw it away as i never had the file in question.
    My lawer said ignore them until you are served.
    Even at worst, a default judgement in which you don’t even show up would not likely yield as large a penalty as they want to settle. just my two cents.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  12. From what a lawyer told me is that you automatically get the maximum default of $150,000 for not going to court and may be enforce even though you live in a different state, if you are served.

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