9 comments on “Copyright Troll Lawyer John Steele Steals From Other Copyright Troll

  1. Nice, as someone else on TorrentFreak said, I hope the Trolls cannibalize eachother. Like I said somewhere else too I believe they’ll be “sharing” their cases sometime soon down the road and probably start fighting over the rights to sue on specific claims as well. Trolls chopping Trolls. I like it.
    Still no letter on my case yet. Perhaps Comcast is even getting behind despite their recent burst of betrayal on the WestCoast case. Or the Trolls are behind. Either way…Eh…Still waiting for my new TP… I hope its double ply.

  2. Just thought I’d throw it out there that if something were to happen to these copyright trolls, no one would ever know who did it as there are too many possible suspects to investigate.

  3. John Steele just filed a change of address in the IL Courts. Case: 1:10-cv-06254 Document #: 155 Filed: 08/22/11
    New information:
    John L. Steele
    Steele Hansmeier PLLC
    1111 Lincoln Rd, Suite 400
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
    Over 30 cases were listed under this change of address.

    Wonder what the move to FL is about?

    • The move to Florida is just a diversion. His practice is still in Chicago. Don’t know if he’s been admitted to practice in Florida state courts but he is able to practice in just about any federal court upon being admitted and the admission is not difficult. Someone should look into past Florida lawsuits filed agaist him. They are an interesting read. He’s a schemer and this is probably nothing more than a tax dodge and an effort to be closer to the pornographers he represents.

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