9 comments on “People Are Still Scared Of Copyright Trolls?

  1. I see this page with dismissed IPs and my IP is in there. Can I send this to my ISP (Verizon) to prevent them from sending my information? Where can I find more information? I have little time left as I have to do something before Oct 30, otherwise my information will be released.

    Thanks for your good work.

  2. I’m sorry….. You are giving false hope. I’m in Colorado and my wife and I are named on a suit as a Doe and an IP address. The presiding Judge, Michael J. Wantanabe, he’s ok’ing these suits and letting these suits come before him. As well, alot of judges are not dismissing motions to quash all across the country, which allows these douche bag trolls to get your info and hound/harass you. So please, dude, don’t sit there and give false hope to those of us who will be plagued by these BS suits. I have a PACER account and see what’s going on, you’re wrong…plain and simple. Otherwise state your sources.

    • i have till 10/30 before my isp gives me up. i fully expect to get a letter like you and a date with a judge. what i dont expect is these trolls to follow through. i have yet to read a case where they’ve won this way (if you know of one please share) and that’s probably because they can’t and it’s way too risky (looking at big picture from their view point). yeah it sucks that you’ll need to spend some cash for a lawyer but better than giving these trolls the money.

  3. I beg to differ, I was part of this garbage. I hired a lawyer and I got dismissed. These idiots don’t want to go to court. Even if they do they will loose.

  4. Ya they can harass you by getting peoples names and calling your house and sending paperwork… but they cannot win a case. That is what I think they are saying. This is not false hope, it is just what is provable and what is not. If they lose they have to pay your lawyer and court fees. They cannot easily win is all that is meant.

  5. Hi, I’ve received a letter from my ISP regarding a subpoena to get my IP for the “Patrick Collins vs Does 1-2590” case apparently, and have been trying to do some research into it. I stumbled across this data on archive.org, which I believe is saying the Judge is denying Motions to Quash. Does the blog author (or any readers) have any other updates on this case?


    Also, note that I am on the East Coast, not in California, and as far as I can tell, there is no related case in my District.

  6. Just an anecdote: I contacted the law firm that comes up first in google search as “represents people sued by the porn industry” and they basically gave me the advice of “They don’t prove that you did it, you have to prove you didn’t do it. We charge $500 to help with the settlement and we advise you to settle.” I would not recommend that law firm.

    • That shocks me that so many lawyers seem to give that advice. I suppose from their point of view they assume many people are secretly guilty and that the cost of settling would probably less than if the case proceeded and more legal help was needed on your part. I just dont like how settling has become the status quo just to shut these people up.

      Its like if i was back in school and a kid came up to me and demanded my lunch. If I didn’t give it to him he would go to the teacher and tell her that I called him a derogatory word. If its true or not, the teacher would still question me and kids would think I was a horrible person that says racist/sexist/offensive things. So do I sit back, keep my lunch and hope that the teacher doesn’t believe his lies or do I give him my lunch to shut him up and move on?

      Obviously these trolls are bullies and they are preying on people that are either unable to properly defend themselves in court, afraid of how even the allegation could ruin their careers and reputation, or are people that are just susceptible to a strong tone and fear of potential $150,000 fines.

      I’ll admit I have fear of the troll after me and who wouldn’t be? Someone is putting a gun to my face and they are telling me they will pull the trigger. How am I to be sure if they are telling the truth or not? I hear all these figures tossed around that only 1% of all does are ever brought up in individual cases but would you gamble a 1% chance out of a 1,000 in a case?

      I don’t want to settle and i don’t want to gamble. If the only help that I’m going to get from a lawyer is that he’ll tell me to give up $2,000-5,000 without much of a fight, no thank you.

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