25 comments on “Copyright Trolls Still Sending Out Letters

  1. What coincidence! My $250k super s3kr1t softwares detected that IP doing ilegal things in the interwebs! I ARE GOING TO ISNPECT THERE HARD DRIVES!!!11

    “It cost me $250k, SO YOU KNOW IT WORKS!!!!!” -John Steele, 1-800-DIVORCE

  2. My ip is set to release my info next week and I expect to start getting letters shortly after. I’ll admit I’m scared because I simply don’t have the money to handle any course of action short of ignoring them. Can’t afford a lawyer, can’t afford a settlement of any amount, and if I am brought to court I fear the worst. Sounds like they are filing individual or smaller doe cases lately so I’m getting no sleep that I can just slide past this.

    • What case are you tied to? If you can, go lookup the case on RFCexpress or recapthelaw. By checking those sites, you can keep up to date on how your case is progressing. Not sure how things are going to go with the smaller cases, however, many people being targeted by copyright trolls will end up recieving multiple settlement offers. You will recieve the first one to scare you, then a follow-up phone call, a follow-up letter to give you a second chance to accept their “favor” of settling for a few grand, a couple more calls, etc. Best advice I can provide is you are dealing with Steele/Wefightpiracy, is to google “Speculative Invoicing Handbook”. It’s based on British law, however it is a good beginners guide to dealing with trolls

      • New Sensations 1-1,474 with Ira Siegel. I’ve tried looking online for details regarding Ira Siegel and his tactics after he gets your information but I have found very little. I’m not sure if he isn’t doing much or if he is getting those he deals with to stay quiet after the fact. As far as I can tell I’m not in a state where he has brought up smaller cases in the past but I’m not confident that will apply this time.

        I just hope if I have to, that I can find a lawyer that will be on my side about handling this and not just tell me to settle.

        • Ira tends to be a bit lazy and wants to milk the copyright troll scheme more than most. He actually setup up a website copyrightsettlement..com that automates the entire copyright trolling process for him. His “copyright enformcement” group uses it’s custom system to upload files, track them, and then automatically send out settlement letters. He was also recently accussed of setting up a honeypot. If you’re not familiar with the term, his company basically intentionally uploaded a ton of mislabeled files just so he could collect more IP addresses. If I recall correctly, a woman issued a statement to a court in which she admitted to trying to download the greatest hits of a famous Japanese composer. She ended up with a gay porn film and a settlment letter from Ira’s people. He’s a bit of a sleazy douchebag, but should not be too hard to push around. Anyway, tl;dr Spiegel is a slimeball so stay informed by visting this and other anti-troll blogs frequently. Good luck

          • So this means he isn’t as vicious as other trolls? I know people mention Collins and Steele a lot but Siegel doesn’t seem to get the same amount of ire around the troll boards. Not suggesting that he is an easy troll but that he is one that isn’t as cut throat as others?

            Also, any idea how much he asks for in settlements? I’m hearing reports ranging from $900-$5,000!!! Not that I want to give in to this but if $900 gets him out of my hair I would consider it but if he is asking for $5,000 I’ll have no other option but to deny every attempt to collect any money simply because I do not and will not have that amount of money.

            • He’s not necessarily less vicious, he would just prefer to have computers do most of the work for him. It actually kinda makes sense, especially since I doubt they intend to pursue inviduals. The whole point of the scheme is to get people worked up as scared. What the trolls don’t realize is that the internet is always watching. Besides the aforementioned issues, Mr. Siegel also ran into some trouble when a judge asked him how much he collects as settlements. All of these trolls have weak cases with even weaker evidence. Just relax, do some more research, and you realize that denfense atorrneys and judges are starting to tear these cases apart. Take the once mighty newspaper copyright troll Righthaven: last I checked US Marshals were being requested to seize Righthaven’s bank accounts because it’s business model(very similar to other trolls) was based on a sham. Anyway, read the handbook. Might calm your nerves a bit

            • Just noticed that I missed the point about how much he will ask for…looking into it. Like I mentioned, the guy didn’t even want to tell the judge his rates. I suspect he will start low like $1500 and then slowly increase. I’ve dealt mostly with Steele, so not completely sure how often then Siegel’s office calls people. However, I suspect that a company using highly automated software would just let the computers deal with it. Why earn your money, when all you have to do is mail a letter?

  3. That should be John’s real IP address. It is registered to a company that rents office space and is supposed to be located near John’s new Miami home

  4. It is Steele. He posted on my blog too, in this thread.

    There is nothing unusual. Steele has a weakness – he loves to brag. It’s beyond his control not to show up and fire some mid school-grade insults. He is a clown. Just can’t take him seriously. Trying to be angry but laugh instead….

    • Let him keep on bragging. Every time he posts something, he gives away a little bit more. On one hand, it’s like arguing with The Devil – so long as you don’t expect an honest word to come out of his mouth, you can try to read between the lines for a little tidbit of juiciness. On the other hand, he’s like the moronic jock in High School who gets blustered when you insult him, and comes back with a botched-up “your mom” joke.

  5. On the subject of settlement letters… So looking at RFCexpress, all the PrOn companies Steele’s firm represents stopped filing new lawsuits at some point in August. Nothing in september or october. I wonder what it all means. Is Steele licking his wounds from some of the court rulings? Is he trying to stay under the radar of the courts after the mass of cases? Or is it possible phase 2 is about to start and he will finally make good on his promise to name the people he has been harassing for months. I have heard him state that it has taken a long time to ramp up his legal staff to sue so many people. Even though this seems like complete BS to me since he works on contingency and it would make no sense to pour resources into suing people when your getting settlements already.. and since there are people in Illinois he could of named whenever. Interesting to see what happens next.. I guess it is good for people in the newer cases to see his game plan unfold and I wish the best for the people who has been told weekly they will be sued for months. My best guess is another few months of threats.

  6. Terik Hashmi of Transnational Law Group LLC

    check this out, this is a new firm located in Miami, I think this is the new firm that Steele created as a shield to continue with his business model using different name.

    You guys are worrying too much, the scumbari will not do anything, he will just try to scare you, but will NEVER EVER name you in a lawsuit, because he will lose if he does that. come on stop worrying.

    • I have the same question to you. You are the Anonymous. We all are the Anonymous when we care and act. Start doxing those bottom feeders. Be creative.

      Subscribe them to spam (free magazines).
      Google “we call you back” and fill multiple forms, make their phones explode.
      Call them in the middle of the night.
      Fax them black faxes via NetZero.
      Report them to IRS.
      Call powerful people using their caller IDs and say nasty things.
      Email their spouses’ employers.

      None of us is as cruel as we all are. Let them taste their own medicine. They should expect us.

      For starters: Paul Duffy: http://pastebin.com/W8LAq9t1

  7. I noticed this interesting filing in the HD production cases in California. I guess the “Steele” brand is damaged goods now. Prenda Law Inc. doesn’t even bring up any results on google. Steele might be running away with the award for shadiest troll operation.

    Notice is hereby given that Plaintiff’s counsel’s law firm has changed names from “Steele
    Hansmeier PLLC” to “Prenda Law Inc.” The Court will take note that all other identifying
    information associated with Plaintiff’s counsel, Brett L. Gibbs – i.e. his physical address, email
    address, and phone number – remains the same.

    • Makes sense. Steele saw what happened to RightHaven. I would want to step back from the entire operation too. He probably will work to proxy out the cases to other firms to keep himself a safe distance from the action. His cut is lower but is much safer. Personally its just a matter of time before one of these firms get “RightHavened”. Personally believe that Ira Siegel will be made the scape goat for everything.

      He was a self setup job that just got into the act. Even more interesting, is the “company” he uses to collect the IPs (Copyright Enfringment Group) is only a little ways down the street from his office. On top of that IraSiegellaw.com was only registered in Feb of 2011. His web site is crap and fake.

      A little more about CEG .. no one knows who they are … even CNET attempted to find information on them and failed


      The problem with Siegel is that if he pushed anyone into court and lawyers press for CEG personal to come forward it would all fold in. Ira knows this too.

      Bottom line, these trolls are backing down after the RightHaven. One slip up in court and Feds are moving in.

      Hence Steele is smart enough to send the Pawns forward and stay clear.

  8. Guys, i’ll try to get a legal brief out with all the latest case info on this topic so that you can just email these assholes and have them shitting bricks.

    Courts are unforgiving for sleazy trolls unless they have a truly credible cause of action.


  9. I’m a doe in case 11-CV01653. I was offered a settlement of $3400. I’m having a hard time finding out the latest in the case and in addition to the settlement offer I am being threatened with being named. Thoughts?

  10. i’m super busy atm but i think this link might help. These cases are tricky, I suggest you do your research very well. Usually with a well written Motion to Quash the judge should agree. But I need to do more research.

    definitely check this out: (dont forget to read the comments!)



    The thing is, I read the plaintiff’s memo on joining all the defendants… BitTorrent usage is tricky because courts hardly agree on this issue.

    My best advice (even though I hear its too late) is to chip in 100 dollars per person (the defendants) and find a good attorney in the field. The reason? Because Northern California courts have actually ruled against joinder for BitTorrent cases. Which means that this scumbag has to file each case individually if he brought it in NorCal. Therefore, if one of the defendants lives in Northern California you can file for a change of venue. But this might be too late?

    (lawstudent): the aforementioned is never legal advice.

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