Copyright Troll Audio Files

We call you or talk to you to scare you and threaten you into settling so we don't have to do anything and get $$$ so we can defend Porn and Copyright Infringement! Aren't we ethical?

The following are audio files involving testimonies, interviews or voice mails or harassment by Copyright Trolls who want to bully or scare people into paying settlement money even if they are innocent. If you would like to add to this please make a post. Do not ever speak to these copyright trolls if they call you, just hang up the phone or let them leave voice mails and put them online for all to hear what they really are, that is scum. Never talk to a lawyer that is for sure as they can use anything against you.

CBC John Steele Porn Lawyer Interview MP3
Steele Hansmeier Harassment Voice Mails MP3 (This is the same retard that calls everyone).


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