Copyright Troll ISP’S

The following ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have been known to release their customers personal information to Copyright Trolls and thus allowing them to send settlement scam letters to scare people into paying them. If you have one of these ISP’s your liable to be scammed by Copyright Trolls.

Comcast (Also known as Xfinity)
RCN (Neustar)
Cox Communications

This is proven by this court document. At the bottom it lists what ISP’s have given up names or not. You can read it or just look at the screen shot below. Some are still pending. If other ISP’s have given up real names let us know. Some of them in the court document are pending.

Only one ISP to our knowledge states it will not be able to or would not hand over names. That ISP is Clearwire. If any other information is known please share.

Clearwire - The ISP that protects it's users.


7 comments on “Copyright Troll ISP’S

  1. Add PennTeleData to the list.

    • It is done.

  2. I just got a letter from cablevision about a subpoena to release IP addressees info with a deadline to quash Oct 12 2011.

  3. Add Optimum/Cablevison, they released, and I never got any warning

  4. In Regards to New Sensations v. DOES 1-1474, I’ve been lettered from my ISP of Time Warner Cable telling me that they are “compelled to disclose identifying information” about me to their attorney Ira M Siegel. The letter from TWC was dated Oct 7th 2011, but didn’t reach me until the 21st.

    “We are excused from responding only if you notify us by Monday, November 7th, 2011 that you have filed papers to modify or block the Subpoena. Absent such notice, we will be required to respond.”

    To make this clear, both Time Warner Cable & Road Runner are not taking action against me, but are going to release my information in 2 weeks unless I can LEGALLY COMPEL them not to. TWC says in their letter that there is no reason to respond unless I’m filing legal papers… so that feels cold to me.

    Does this qualify for Time Warner Cable or it’s sub division of Road Runner to be added to this list? In my case they are not resisting the troll inquiries and the snail mail letters lost me 2 weeks to prepare.

    I live in California in a Central District Court and am seeking legal advice from the Cashman Law FIrm which is based in Houston, Texas. Good idea or bad idea?

  5. You can add Broadstripe to this list, they gave up my information to Patrick Collins Inc and now I gotta deal with these fucking trolls.

  6. HI, my name is Lukas I searched internet providers houston , and found your page- Copyright Troll ISP’S | Anons Of Liberty,Useful info. Lucky me I found your web site accidentally, and I am stunned why this twist of fate did not took place in advance!

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