Copyright Troll Letters

Below are links or scans to pdf files or jpeg files of the letters these Copyright Trolls send to try and do a psychological screw job in peoples head to scare them into sending them money. We will add more as they are found or brought to our attention. To trust what these trolls write in order to get easy money is laughable at best.


John Steele Settlement Scam Letter JPEG
John Steele Settlement Scam Letter WORD DOCUMENT

D. Gill Sperlein Settlment Scam Letter JPEG


28 comments on “Copyright Troll Letters

  1. If your interested I will leave a letter from Ira M Siegel, Esq

    • By all means post it, never hurts.

  2. My mother just received a letter from Ira M Siegel telling her to pay $2500 or else for downloading “Illegal Ass 2.” The only other people living in the house are my father and my technologically inept brother. Up until yesterday, their wifi network was unsecured. Would bringing the laptops in for them to scan do anything? I’m not going to have my family bullied by some lawyer for his porn blood money, and I have no issues with facing them in court myself, so long as I’m not shelling out any money.

    What’s more is that they’re in California and we’re in Jersey. It was filed as one of those massive John Doe cases and Cablevision (who I’m going to switch them away from before I go back to my regular life) gave over her information. Her name is also spelled wrong on the account and fake looking court papers that were sent over asking for the settlement. I’m just finding all of this out today as well, so I’m doing some research online but there’s close to no information whatsoever on what people are doing.

    Part of me wants to wait it out and start a slow and expensive trial locally to make them pay for a lawyer here in Jersey, and just really drag the case out, especially in the first couple of stops. The other part of me wants to make sure this doesn’t get out of hand and just be done with it. I don’t believe we should settle for even a dollar, but I’m willing to pay up to (maybe) $100 to not waste my time on the matter. What do you think? This is definitely going to drag on. 2010 John Does in this case.

    • hispanic monolinguals in southern california have been contacted by siegel and i would like to get some info on how to respond to make $$ off of siegel and his cliets in court so I am interested in hearing from folks who have thwarted his abusive methods and prevailed

      • Just don’t speak or send emails to anyone and ignore their voice mails.

    • Any update on this? How are things going?

      • Yea, ignoring them is the best way to go, unless you live in their municipality, then you may have an issue. Way past their deadline at this point, and nothing happened. Bunch of bitches trying to bully people into paying up.

    • Just ignore it. They are just gathering information. I got one and I ignored it. A year later, I got another letter saying I could solve the matter by paying $5000. I ignored that one too. That was over a year ago.

  3. thanks for the off line tip we will wait for proper servicve then file the motion

  4. I got a similar letter that was posted above but was from a law firm called Media Law Group, LLC. Is the advice still the same? Just ignore them? Who is the owner of Media Law Group LLC?

    • Hey Alan,
      Any follow up since Nov of 2011?
      Just got a similar letter from MLG Media Law Group LLC (lulz, LLC never bodes confidence)

      • Dave, I ignored the letter I got in November 2011. I haven’t heard anything from Media Law Group LLC. I’m hoping that’s the last I hear from them.

  5. I just got a letter 2 days ago. The IP address on the letter does not match mine. Verizon gave them my information. Sounds like ignoring them is the play?

  6. Has anyone here been sent the threat letter, gotten voicemails, ignored them, and then subsequently gotten any legal follow-up from Hannsmeier/Prenda ?

  7. I received a SUBPOENA TO PRODUCE DOCUMENTS, INFORMATION OR OBJECTS for Century Media Ltd from The McDaniel Law Firm PC in Hackensack NJ – I’m in Colorado. I have until 10/1 to send a Motion to quash or vacate the subpoena and get proof to Comcast, but every lawyer I talk to in NJ wants more money than I make a month to file the papers. I’m willing to do it myself, and have been reading the information, but I’m so confused now I don’t know exactly what to do – and I’m out of time. Does anyone have any suggestions/

    • Ignore it! I got a supoena like that about two years ago. They are just gathering information to use against you. I ignored mine. Later, you will get a letter telling you that you can resolve the matter by sending $5000 or some other amount. Look at the end of the subpoena and see if it is signed. Does it have a judge who signed it? Mine had a scribble where the signiture was supposed to be and no judges name. Even if there is a name and signiture, I wouldn’t answer it!!!!! PERIOD!

  8. Just got similar letter from Comcast, I have 30 days to quash. Company (Dragon Quest Productions from Utah) hired a lawfirm in my state (IL). Asking Comcast from NJ for my info. Saw defenses saying out of area. Is this true? Any updates from people that did not do anything? Statue of limitations? Thanks All

  9. Don’t bother. I’m 3 years past this already. If they do drag you to local court, which they won’t, just drag it out. The lawyer fees, especially remotely, will be way too much. You’re only boned if they’re in the same state as you.

  10. So i just got one of these for 200. I am going to have my computers scanned for the file. I don’t download things and i stay away from bit-torrent related things. I am in college and have no desire to deal with this. If the file is there should I pay? If it is not should I do something?

    • Who sent you the letter qbert987? I got a letter recently asking for the same amount and I am curious to know if we are being scammed for the same file and being scammed by the same group.

      • Broke john doe, I don’t want to say what the actual file was because of the “nature” of the file, if you know what I mean. I got the email from my school who got it from Ira M Siegel, Esq

  11. Don’t pay anything. I didn’t even know what a bit torrent was nor did I have it on my computer. It’s been more than two years since I got the original subpoena and a year since I got the settlement letter. I haven’t heard anything since. They just want to scare you.

  12. I just got the same letter from Ira Siegel. Asking 400, two seperate payments of 200 each for the same download…It also claimed it was the representative of the company and I went onto the website and I found that they have a completely different company that represents them. So it seems to me the plan is to not pay them right and just ignore it?

    • Ignore, ignore, ignore……………They are fishing for information or trying to scare you into paying. Besides, I just heard that a ruling came down that said an IP address is not the same as a person. Just ignore everything anyone that sends you anything.

      • What if you actually did download said material and are trying to sue for 5k? And how would my internet provider email me this? Surely I should ignore it, email looks too fishy.

  13. I just got a letter from Ira M Seigal and Pleasure Productions from my ISP. I was going to ignore, but the problem is I DO live in the same state of CA as them. Would it be best to just pay the 200 in this situation?

    • I am by no means knowledgeable in the legal field, but I have done some extended research on the matter. Depending on which district you live in CA. I’ve read that they don’t particularly target the central district (Los Angeles) due to the ‘serving 10 Doe’s at once’ restriction (due to costs). Instead they’ve move their attention to other states besides CA. Only other districts I’ve heard of in CA being served was the northern district, and even that was over 2 years ago. I’ve read some blogs that said that they’ve moved their attention out of CA and targeting other states.

      Again, I am not an attorney, nor giving legal advise, just trying to help since I received a lot of help myself. If you haven’t done so already, read up on,, and talk to some attorneys who are willing to offer their ‘opinions’ and options. Hope this helps.

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