Motion To Quash / Isp Subpoena Defense Examples

A motion to quash is basically you or a lawyer fighting a subpoena in these examples to get personal information connected to an IP address so an ISP does not reveal a persons information. The Electronic Frontier Foundation have an excellent page set up for this. Check that out here. You can do so by yourself or through a lawyer depending on each individuals choices or circumstances. There are examples there or you can check some links below. If you do not request for your documents to be sealed they will appear on the web for free in some cases such at Recap the Law or Pacer (Public Access to Electronic Records) for a small fee of each page.

That is why in some cases people use lawyers to do it for them. Some people have used their real names and the documents they submitted to the court are accessible to all online the web. That is what copyright troll lawyers want, ie your personal information so that is not recommended. ISP’s like Comcast do not try to help people and tell their customers to deal with it or they will release the information while others like Timer Warner try to fight it.  Below are some example documents sent to courts anonymously labeled as John Doe etc so their real names are not used. In other cases a lawyer is used. Points made in these motions are out of courts jurisdiction, improperly joined with others etc. See below. But if you do not use your real name they most likely get denied that is the big BS behind this.

Motion To Quash Example 1

Motion To Quash Example 2

VPR Internationale v. Does 1-1017 An Ip Does Not Equal A Person Court Document Link (Reference this)

For Californians, Below is a link to an article from SophisticatedJaneDoe and her Motion To Quash Example
For Those Who have just received a letter from their ISP article
Motion To Quash Word Document

Thanks SophisticatedJaneDoe,

In some cases a lawyer are hired or people do things themselves without one or they do nothing as most cases get thrown out of court and lead no where.

More info will be added whenever possible.





33 comments on “Motion To Quash / Isp Subpoena Defense Examples

  1. I heard that some people been using the ISP number that they attached to the subpoena’s with John Doe, like this, John Doe for the quash and it worked. But there is this ignorant judge in D.C that has no clue about the rule of law and is allowing these troll lawyers to improperly join. And if it doesn’t work, I would not pay them one cent. Then you need to file a motion to dismiss on grounds of out of jurisdiction as long as you don’t live in the same state. Then they have to come after you in your state and I welcome that, if they it got that far your defense is an IP is not a person and if they still will then chapter 7 bankruptcy is the next step as long as you are not wealthy. I welcome that because i want to dump this crappy house and all my bills right now anyway but I don’t owe enough to make it worth while. lol Screw em.. i would give these suckers a dime.

    Anyone thing if you are going to torrent you can use TOR to cover your IP although it does slow it down. Or another option is download older stuff, seed very little to none and get off when you get your stuff. There are a lot of items on torrents sites that are not copyright protected or unknown until you actually open them up. Normally you only have to worry about newer movies or newer music.. Download the old stuff of just buy Netflix for 8 bucks a month and boycott all new movies because of what they are doing. We have options as consumers and we just have to band together and not let these scums win. Once the Internet get really scary, in a few more years, I will not use it anymore unless from like a hot spot or Internet Cafe with my Linux OS on my USB drive.

    • It is probably best to use sites that post cryptic links like rapidshare, wupload etc. There are a bunch of sites out there. If people have to stop torrenting they can just use that. Hmm maybe we should post links to those sites on this page or another one? We will think about it.

  2. Please read the following note:
    Only when a person is seeding (uploading) a file using torrent, that person is able to see the IP address of others leeching (downloading) that file. So it is very obvious that all copyright troll companies upload their own files to internet and hope to use them as baits for identifying other people. In brief, the copyright troll companies have violated the copyright laws themselves in the first place and they don’t deserve to go after other people. Let’s ask them clearly that how did they acquire the IP address of other people in their hand-typed excel file.

    • Indeed. They are betting on people being scared and paying settlement money lol.

  3. Something Important to Consider:
    Have you ever thought why only the IP address and the service provider of defendants are listed by the copyright troll companies and why the state and city in which the defendants live are not listed. You just need to type the IP address in google to find out the city in which each defendant lives. Those crooked D.C. jusdges should spend a few seconds in internet and search the listed IP addresses in google to find out the majority of defendants live out of their stupid unfair jurisdiction. But it seems that those retard lazy judges only sit on their big chairs in courts and use their gavels like a robot to deny all defendants motion to quash the unjustice and fraud subpoenas. This really shows that D.C. judges and the copyright troll companies drink from the same fountain or have their hands in the same pocket.

  4. Anonofliberty,


    It may help your California readers to include this Motion to Quash or Modify subpoena in your Motion To Quash / Isp Subpoena Defense Examples page.

    • Sure, Sophisticated Jane Doe is a friend. Will add those links above and credit her.

  5. Here is an updated motion to quash, which includes some new cases and quotes:

  6. So I’m one of these John Does the Mr Steele is trying to milk money from. He acquired my name from my ISP; what do you suggest is my best next step? He asked from $3400 to settle, but from everything I’ve read, it’s all a scare tactic. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anyone say what to do INSTEAD of paying up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • The only way you have to worry about it is if the retard gives you papers to go to court and that is likely to not happen for a very very very long time because it is expensive to hire lawyers and it takes YEARS sometimes to settle cases. They do not want this and if they lose (which they likely will) they have to pay all your fees. You have already been told what to do. Not pay them and spread information. Don’t talk to these assholes it just incriminates you. Let a lawyer do the talking. Standard advice really….

  7. Can some fill me in on case K beech and patrick collins vs 1-1003 ?, they finally contact me must have my information now. i am scared and at first was willing to pay but i realized the info isn’t even my ip and i don’t torrent porn. i did have a unsecured wifi spot but now is locked

    • So is it a good idea to file lack of jurisdiction if you’re out of state? Even if you just put you ip address and die number won’t that make you a target for the troll in the future? I see that the troll is from California but I’m in NJ. I haven’t seen any cases brought up from him in my state so is it safe to say I’d be unlikely to be attacked after the fact? Where can I look up to find if him or a proxy has gone after does in my state?

      I saw he recently had another mass case thrown out from the same Plaintiff and I didn’t see a smaller case brought up in my area. I only have a little over a week left to file so if I don’t soon he’ll have my info…

  8. just received a letter from fattorosi for the paris hilton sex tape. any one else get one? how legitimate is this case? seems like a spam mail.

  9. I have received a letter from Paul Duffy for OpenMinded Soultions v John Does 1-565. The subpoena was issued to one of the tenants of my house (there are 4 people here, and non of them admit having any knowledge of using Bit torrents. I downloaded the motion to quash template above, but everything in the document refers to of Steele Hansmeier, but Paul Duffy is the name on the subpoena. I live in Virginia and the court for the subpoena was filed in the District of colombia court with judge Emmet g. Sullivan. Any advice? has anybody heard anything about this case? Thank you all for all of your information, it has really helped so much.
    John Doe

  10. I’m one of the latest Does in MD. I’ve been reading about copyright trolls in an attempt to figure out what to do. Should I file a Motion to Quash? I see that, in some cases, this has been rejected. I do not have a lot of money to spend on this. What is my best alternative?

    • I’m also in MD and was named a john doe in a case brought on by Lightspeed Media. Just wanted to know if there are any updates to your situation or what you have done. I have until May 20th to file a motion to quash. Thanks

      • So what did you do? What happened???

  11. Does anyone know if the majority of recent filings in Texas and other states are new filings or re-filings of suits that are being broken up and filed in the correct states?

  12. I have the same question as JBC I think this post is dead but still. They have filled in Texas and I actually do live in texas. I want to file a motion to quash but I’m not sure if I should start lawyering up just yet or what to do I could really use some advice right about now…

    • This site has slowed down some recently.
      If you haven’t yet, go check out and
      There are very informative threads and examples at those sites, along with anecdotal information to reassure you in your particular situation.

    • I’d like to talk to you.

  13. Camelot v Does 1-1210 is case regarding a slasher film named “Wreckage”. Camelot is a CA company and their attorneys Weintraub Genshlea Chediak filed to have info released by Time Warner in a VA court. Have any torrent cases ever gone to trial and lost? From what I understand a couple in FL lost by default for 30K, but other then that nothing. If they actually request to examine computers, I have seen one poster say to allow that by all means because it cost them $1,000 each and the more the merrier, but my question is what is the best way to handle that possibility.

  14. To: DOW 2770
    This is the site where 1-565 is upated.

  15. I just received a letter 4 days ago from New Jersey, do you know what the state code or law allows me to not be named? I’m trying to find it on some of the other sites and my head is spinning. Also do I file to separate motions one to quash and one to dismiss?

    • We are not really sure. You would have to probably google around some more or ask an actual lawyer sadly we do not have that information for you.

  16. We just received a letter from our ISP provider (COX) on July 27, and it states that we have until Aug 3 to quash, we are in Ohio and would have to file a motion in the State of Florida where the suite is filed. Is this even legal??? The lawsite is from some prom company, with a Trolling Lawyer. I don’t have the funds to pay someone to quash this for me.

  17. I jus got a notice and I wanna do this motion on my own… tell me abt it..

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  19. Hi All,

    I just received an ISP Subpoena letter from my ISP warning me that they have til next month before they have to hand over my information to the plantiff ( Dallas Buyers Club LLC). I looked online for ways to fight this, but unfortunately everything I have read online points to a settlement. Even if you are completely innocent in these types of cases, it costs more to go to court and fight for your innocence than to remain anonymous and just pay to have the law suit go away.

    That’s what these law suits are geared for. To get quick money by forcing you to pay less up front and stay anonymous, than have the opposing party get your personal information and go to court and end up paying more. There have been several documented cases that innocent people have fought an won, but ended up paying more money in the long run.

    From what I have been told, its going to cost approximately 2K-4K to settle.


    • Hi JD,

      I’m in the same bait with you. Are you filing a Quash motion? Or just waiting?


  20. I am also in the same boat. from what i have researched once someone squashes a subpoena it usually quashes it for the remaining group of IP addresses provided by your ISP. In addition, the company is from out of state (New Jersey) and therefore will have a very difficult time summoning out of staters to court. I am waiting this case out personally to see what happens because i feel innocent and do not have the money for a lawyer at this time. hope this helps.

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  22. Great analysis – BTW , if someone is wanting a FL Verified Motion to Quash Service and Vacate Default , my company filled out and faxed a sample document here

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